Today I am back to share with you my November indie playlist, here are all the songs I have been loving over the last month, most of these songs were submitted to me either via my email: or my submit hub: lucymccourt/submithub I am also trialling ‘Send it right’ a new submission service as well if you wanted to get a track over to me on there:

Stains of a sunflower- Enough

Boston based four piece Stains of a sunflower are back with their latest track ‘Enough’ blessing us again with their a uniquely modern twist on the classic elements of 60’s and 70’s folk. These guys featured as my artist of the week a few months back, I am a huge fan of these guys and this track is no exception in their strong discography with its blending serenity pulling in vulnerability and emotion-driven resilience and power to offer a very parallel sound. A snappy number coming it at just over two minutes, Stains of a sunflower just keep building on their sound, and the confidence and charisma is really starting to come through with some of the more gravely vocal undertones here from frontwoman Natalie. So many promising pieces from these guys, so expect to see a lot more of them here in the future.

november one

Hello cosmos- Dream Harder

Next up Mancunian newcomers Hello Cosmos with their track Dream harder, a track that had me hooked after the first listen, it’s one of those tracks that really struck me as something different and one that I won’t be forgetting anytime soon. Dream harder is a psych element driven masterpiece that features a very stern and punk-esque delivery that I feel works really well with the underlying layering and texture of the soundscape. With support already flooding in from outlets like BBC 6 music and Radio X we have undoubtedly stumbled on a real gem here. An extremely fresh and exceptionally executed project that is only enhanced by one best video that I have seen in a long time, five minutes of pure trippy augmented reality goodness so massive shoutout to Adam Smith because he really brought the track to life visually.

cosmos 2.jpg

Swine Tax- Natural Causes

Another spoken word track popping up here in the form of Swine Taxes ‘Natural causes’. Pulling on a narrative inspired by Shakespeare’s Hamlet this ferociously abrasive number gives you plenty to stick your teeth into. A real journey of a track, opening up with a very soft guitar riff before bringing in the vocals and drums to produce a slightly unnerving and dark sound with the heavier distortion and sampling that we get towards the tail end. There is definitely an essence of bands like Sonic youth here, also giving me serious King nun vibes thrown in there as well. A really rich sound that is only going to develop from here, they have been releasing a steady stream of singles since last year so I definitely recommend checking those out, Tory water is a personal favourite of mine.


Youth Sector- Automatic

All the best bands come out of Brighton and Youth Sector are no exception, their latest single ‘Automatic’ is one I have been listening to non-stop. Very much of a song of the times as it was written from the perspective  ‘of an individual who struggles to interact with human beings and instead much prefers the convenience and predictability of technology’. ‘Automatic’ features juicy modern guitar licks, layered up to create a synthy texture that You will not be able to get enough of. It’s got that optimistic sound it that’d you’d expect to find with bands like Talking heads, a very laidback yet vibrant sound that just seeps coolness. If you can then definitely head out and catch them at one of my favourite venues ever, The Finsbury on the 17th of November alongside Shields and The Sunset Beach Hut.

youth sector .jpg

Flood Hounds- Take it too far

Hitting you here with ‘Take it too far’ the latest release from Sheffield trio Flood Hounds. If you are looking for a gritty & riff-heavy yet catchy number then here’s the one for you. A very grungy undertoned track, reminiscent of a Royal blood type sound with yet rather warm/light vocals that you’d more expect to catch on an indie rock track, you can also hear towards the end here what sounds like a harmonica so that’s not something I hear every day yet works perfectly. These guys are already making waves, they won a  competition run by pirate studios to play at their HQ on Halloween as well as securing a sold-out support slot for The Blinders. There’s a real spark here with these guys, extremely promising.


Audrey- See the light

Who doesn’t love a good ol’ rock and roll track, Hull formed four pieces ‘Audrey’ are serving that today with the opening track from their debut self-titled Project. Pulling inspiration from the likes of rock and roll legends The Rolling Stones, Tom Petty, Oasis and The Foo Fighters these guys are injecting a classic sound with their very own modern kick. Prior to the release of the EP they had already made a name for themselves in their local scene with their fiery live performances and it’s very apparent they have carried over that energy and enthusiasm to this track I haven’t heard such an enthusiasm and passion fueled track in a while A big track that will undoubtedly get ya toe-tapping along.


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