Welcome, Welcome I’m back with my first Indie playlist of the year it’s typically a more quiet time for music releases but I’ve still got some great tracks to tell you about. Most of these songs were submitted to me either via my submithub: lucymccourt/submithub or my email lucymccourt.com so if you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered for my future posts then that’s how you can get your music over to me.

Okay Champ- Ticket

Northern newbies Okay Champ today dropped thier biggest single to date ‘Ticket’ a gloomy number that will leave you needing more. Lathered with abrasive fuzzy goodness this energetically explosive mashup of punk and post-rock hits the ears perfectly. The vocals soar low here under the chaotic instrumentals making for a deeply distorted undertone that I can’t get enough off. Despite only releasing 3 tracks to date there’s not long to wait for more as thier debut album  ‘Dead About Thinking’  is set for release on the 25th of this month. It’s gonna be big, it’s gonna be noisy and I can’t wait!

Mark Diamond- Steady

US based artist Mark diamond is up next with his single ‘Steady’. Written, recorded and produced all in one night Mark knew he was onto an instant hit with this track saying ”The overall energy this song brought into the studio was one I can’t personally explain”. Instantly hooking you with smooth alluring depth before serving up silky vocals and a heap load of catchy commercial sensibilities. The best way to describe the track is a darker approach to pop, he’s thanked the Seattle rain for his raw lyricism. A really slick and modern tune that makes singing along to the harmonies impossible.

Dom Champ- What you want // What You need

We all know I’m a sucker for the Brighton music scene, one of it’s latest exports Dom Champ a young poet and hip hot artist has caught my ears with his latest single ‘What you want // what you need’.Acting as one of those tracks that could perfectly be the soundtrack to a summers day at the beach but equally a great late night insomniac listen. Its laid-back lo-fi soundscape makes for the perfect bed for Doms soaring and effortlessly glossy vocals. His blended style of rap, sung moments and even spoken word/poetry esque tones makes for a sound that reminds of Example. Despite only having a body of work spanning three singles, Doms sharp lyricism is astounding, his ability to play on words and tell stories is like anything I have heard in a while. Definitely not one you’ll want to sleep on!

Cover of the month:

Here from the start- High Hopes (Panic at the disco)

Californian rockers ‘Here from the start’ have put their twist on Panic at the discos massive hit ‘High hopes’ transforming the light feel-good pop track into a gritty in places pop-punk masterpiece. I love the original version of this track so when I heard their cover I was instantly in love, such a fresh twist to the song.

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