I’m back for my first Q&A in over two years or so, I let my Instagram followers ask me some questions and I’ve answered a few of my favourites.

If you don’t already, head over to Instagram and follow me, my username is @lucy_mccourt_blog I’m thinking about making these a little more regular as I really enjoy them.

What’s your favourite album cover?

I am a sucker for a good bit of album artwork, for me personally, it’s not about the boldness or intricacy it’s about how it accompanies the music. For example, The 1975’s ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ that’s simply a neon light but its subtlety sits perfectly alongside the soundscape of the album. I’d have to say one that particularly comes to mind would be the artwork for Hozier’s self-titled, his mum actually painted it I believe, it’s immense detail and warm tones is a perfect visualisation of the sound.

Do you ever experience writer’s block and how do you overcome it?

Yeah ,of course, I feel like you’d be hard pressed to find a writer who doesn’t. I think the best way to overcome it is to not put too much pressure on yourself, a lot of my best ideas have been the most spontaneous. You’ll never come up with a good idea sitting down for hours trying to come up with one, you’ll get it as you’re falling asleep or having a shower, right when you’re not thinking about it. Just make sure you write it down or you’ll forget it.

Do you have a Spotify playlist with new bands or music you are liking at the moment?

Yeah, I do it’s for my magazine Into the grooves but I personally curate it every week. I absolutely love everything I put into it. It’s mainly new artists but I like to throw a few big names in there just to give the listener a bit of familiarity but I really enjoy putting it together and it’s my personal go to playlist . Give it a follow, it really helps me out 🙂

How much time do you devote to your blog?

Not as much as you’d probably think to be honest. This blog kind of just became a springboard for other ventures and side projects. A lot of my time is spent working on Into The Grooves, I have a lot of responsibilities there. My blog content isn’t as regular as it used to be but I do feel like it’s of higher quality, I want all my content to feel authentic so I don’t want to post say weekly or biweekly for the sake of it.

You can curate a stage at the 50th-anniversary Woodstock- which new acts are you choosing?

This is a hard one, just some of the new acts I’m loving are Anteros, Estrons, Black Honey, King Nun, Lady Bird, Childcare, Demob Happy, YONAKA, BLOXX, Bang Bang Romeo. They’ve all got big things coming

Opinions on the band Sports Team?

Love them, they were the first band to feature on the cover of Into The Grooves, I really appreciate them taking the time to do an interview with us, still, one of my favourite pieces ever been written for the mag.

How do you feel that we have become an almost entirely digital music era?

It’s sad but at the same time, it was inevitable. I think the accessibility to music is fantastic, It’s the reason we have much wider tastes, I’ve discovered genres and artists on Spotify that I wouldn’t have found otherwise. I feel it does breakdown the barrier between band and listener, there is no need to sign a mega distribution deal to be heard worldwide, you just have that instant reach. I would love for more people to find the joy I have in the physical format but it’s just not an option for everyone. Just support the artists you listen to, share thier link, comment on thier posts, turn up to thier shows, there’s plenty of ways you can show your appreciation. I’m thinking

There we go, a little Q&A I do these a lot on Instagram but it’s nice to be able to expand a little more over here. My Instagram is @lucy_mccourt-blog so head over there, I’m super active on my story.

Again, thank you to everyone that asked a question, sorry I didn’t manage to answer them all.

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