I’m back today with my second indie playlist of 2019. Most of these songs were submitted to me either via my submithub: lucymccourt/submithub or my email lucymccourt.com so if you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered for my future posts then that’s how you can get your music over to me.

Kid Kapichi- 2019

Kicking off with a high energy power anthem courtesy of Hastings freshest export Kid Kapichi. Obviously titled after the year we currently sit in ‘2019’ the track acts as a reflection of the very messy current political climate. Jam-packed with infectious melodies, gritty riffs and brightened up with the charismatic and charming vocal delivery providing a hint of optimism against the somewhat bleak lyricism.

Plain sails- Made of Glass

London based 4 piece Plain Sails are back with thier latest single ‘Made of glass’. A massive anthemic number that oozes thier trademark high energy sound and strikingly catchy melodies yet still striving with thier personal lyricism and emotive delivery. Smashing up the London live scene with thier lively and passionate performances, these guys are definitely one to keep an eye on, their debut Ep is set to be released in May so we don’t have too long to wait.

Katey Brooks- Never gonna let her go

British singer-songwriter Katey Brooks caught my ears with her latest track ‘Never gonna let her go’. Her stunning vocal range comes into show here, hooking me in from the first note. The whimsical and warm tones with that very Florence and the machine- esque power behind them makes for such a bold and confident sound that I just can’t get enough of. With a strong stream of singles and her 2016 album, her ability to write in such an emotive fashion is what really sets her apart. Talking of her love of music she stated “music is a universal language. Everybody has experienced some kind of heartache, especially in relationships, and music allows us to purge these feelings” Such a beautifully strong all-around musician that I’ll definitely be looking out for

Diana Wolfpack- Somewhere

Indie alt four piece Diana Wolfpack up next with thier debut bop ‘Somewhere’. Created on their first trip to the studio as a collective, ‘somewhere’ really encapsulates thier chemistry and sense of fun as a band. An instant mood booster this track is drenched in feelgood vibes, earworming lyrics and rhythms that’ll stick to you. The best type of debut and one that you won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

Sarpa Salpa- Casanova

Serving up pure indie pop goodness with their fifth single ‘Casanova’ is Northamptonshire based Sarpa Salpa. As a band, they picked up momentum quickly gaining support from the likes of Steve Lamacq and BBC introducing firmly securing them as one to watch. This latest edition to thier evergrowing discography features sharp funky guitars, punchy drums and bubbly vocals. Lyrically these guys don’t step back from substance, the track highlights the high expectations people have nowadays when it comes to entering a new relationship with frontman Marcus Marooth explaining ‘People will chase the perfect love that doesn’t exist’.

Call Me Karizma- Monster

US based artist Call me Karizma is back with the latest single ‘Monster’ released ahead of his forthcoming EP set for release this Spring entitled The Gloomy Tapes Vol. 2. The vocals are what pushes forward here, the combination of sung, rapped and spoken word moments created a very vulnerable and slightly uncoordinated sound, providing a fascinating insight into his mind. The lyrics carry over his passion, with the lyric ‘Monster monster under my bed come on and play because of need a friend’ standing out for it’s lack fearfulness and desire for interaction. A deeply personal number that’ll send you through the motions.

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