I’m back today with my third indie playlist of 2019 and it’s a good’un. Most of these songs were submitted to me via my submithub: lucymccourt/submithub  so if you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered for my future posts then that’s how you can get your music over to me.

Ashley Sherlock- Broken.

Manchester trio Ashley Sherlock are first up today with thier latest single ‘Broken’, a rootsy slow-burning guitar number infused with plenty of bluesy goodness. Pulling inspiration from the very active Nashville country-rock scene they provide a modern, contemporary take on the classic sound that I was instantly drawn to. Sporting a naturally raw and emotive raspy vocal approach the expressive and self-aware lyricism exploring the impact of an individual feeling low on the people around them holds so much weight, you feel every word of it, such an authentic delivery. This track does not go without an anthemic payoff, hitting us with an ambitious guitar solo to remember really packing a punch and letting you know these guys will not be disappearing off the radar anytime soon. 


FloodHounds- Stepping stone 

Onto something a little heavier now with one of my favourite acts out of the Sheffield scene at the moment, it’s Floodhounds with thier latest release ‘Stepping stone’. Pulling over energy from thier dominating live shows you cannot escape the euphoric distortion-drenched sound compiled of blistering guitars and strikingly brash drum patterns that are sure to get you headbanging along. The vocals work here to keep the track grounded slightly and add some character, lyrically a very catchy number one you find yourself humming and singing along to. It’s big, It’s gritty and definitely one you will find yourself coming back to. 


Mystery Friends- Empty Nostalgia 

Heading over to the US for the first time in this post to DC based Mystery Friends with thier new track ‘Empty Nostalgia’ one I fell in love with from my first listen. Quoting the band themselves, because they put it best, they describe their sound as pulling from a ‘Variety of influences, but they all fit together like a weird, wonderful puzzle’. That comes into play perfectly here, you’ve got the power pushing through from the vocals, sleek silky guitar licks coming through, some synthy textures crafted in there as well which all work to create a very funky and smooth danceable number. Overall an extremely refreshing fun tone here that just gives you that mood boost you need. If you enjoyed this then you haven’t got long to wait until new material, their forthcoming debut LP ‘Past and Future Self’ is set for release this summer.


The Manatees- What If

South coast indie rockers The Manatees have served up another banger with thier track ‘What If’. While lighthearted on the surface with clean-cut chirpy riffs oozing feelgood vibes, lyrically it tells a very different story. Putting into words the anxiety of a teenage boy, reciting his thoughts his worries producing an extremely relatable and infectiously catchy cut. A strong standout number that hooks you in with it’s bright and bubbly soundscape but gives you a strong feeling of substance lyrically, a bittersweet yet reflective depiction of adolescence. 


Talk Like Tigers- Fruit

Last for today but definitely not least we have terrific twin duo Talk Like Tigers with thier upcoming release ‘Fruit’. Having already garnered the support of BBC radio 1, these guys really excite me. They have this ability to deliver the sleekest most velvety harmonies, that just melt. They sit flawlessly over a whimsically weaved electro soundscape that’ll send you into serenity, a very Bjork and Le’s Eat Grandma esque sound. Simply irresistible. 



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