Hello hello, welcome back. It’s been a while since we’ve had some vinyl related content here so today I am going to be sharing with you 10 of my favourite coloured records from my personal collection. This was a pretty hard list too put together, I have loads of really cool coloured records but these are the ones that particularly stand out, not only for their colour but for their relation to the music itself as well as artwork and liner notes etc to create it’s overall aesthetic package. There are so many bands or artists putting out music on white or transparent vinyl at the moment and I personally find it to be a bit of a cop out, but there are some albums that suit it aesthetically, so here are my top 10 favourite bursts of colour.

Black Honey- Self titled- 2018

I think this is the only full block colour record on this list as typically they don’t really grab my eye but this bright blue bombshell looks so vibrant on the turntable and as you can see matches the artwork really coherently, I also love the use of the artwork in the centre ties it all together really nicely. The album has a very sleek and almost retro sound to it that works amazingly with these visuals.

The Hunna- 100- 2016

One that I have grown out of musically however still adore physically. Unlike any other in my collection, this pressing was limited to 300 copies and was made with pink transparent glitter infused vinyl.The pictures really struggle to do Justice but overall a very magical to look at record. I’m not entirely sure that it matches with the sound on the record however it was part of a series of coloured pressings and this is my personal favourite I think possibly the blue of Violet could have worked better to accompany the album sonically however I did get it on a pre-order so wasn’t 100% sure on the sound but I’ve just had a little look from Discogs and the pink one is significantly worth more than the other two so maybe I did make the right decision.

Vinyl moon- Marrow Siren- 2017

Up next we have a slightly different type of record this is in fact a mixtape if you have been around here for a while now know that last year I wrote a blog post working with the company vinyl moon who sent me over a few of there 10 track vinyl mixtapes. This one was thier 29th edition ‘Marrow Siren’, something you can really credit this company would is their attention to detail and overall quality of the records. This one as you can see is pretty cool and unique it’s a transparent deep blue colour with neon green splatters this looks absolutely amazing when you hold it up to a light so really the picture doesn’t do it Justice. Overall soundwise it’s a very bold and catchy compilation of tracks that works really well to compliment the bright and quirky colour scheme that we see carried through or not only the record but the artwork who was created and designed by Spanish artist Marcos Navarro.

Green day – Nimrod- 1997

Onto the oldest album on this list is the 2017 20 year anniversary pressing of green days 5th studio album Nimrod. I don’t think I have a record brighter than this in my collection this transparent neon yellow pressing also features the Bands iconic logo etched onto its 4th side. The colour pullover from the artwork, they sit really well together and soundwise it does fit some of the bolder tracks like ‘King for a Day’ and ‘Nice guys finish’ and even ‘Scattered’.

Blossoms- Getaway- 2017

The one and only 10 inch record on this list comes courtesy of Stockport indie rockers Blossoms. This transparent baby blue and pink splatter marble pressing of their single ‘Getaway’ just has this Super dreamy pastel cloud like look to it, I posted a picture of this back on my Instagram story a couple of weeks ago and so many people messaged me saying how much they loved it. A really good coordination of colour from the artwork that you can see has blue and pink foil strips and matching the colours in the record. Their tunes are very light and catchy so this carefree colour combination in shade choice works perfectly.

Green day- Greatest hits live- 2018

Another appearance here from pop-punk Legends Green Day this time in the form of a bootleg pressing of their greatest hits live. This is the Japan edition so it features some Japanese writing on the sleeve. The record itself is the semi-transparent purple and very much like the Blossoms pressing in regards to its marble style however, here it is a little less in your face the details show up best when held up to a light source. I did actually buy this thinking it was a solid purple pressing so to discovering this cool colouring on it was a bonus. A really good compilation of tracks I’m not too sure where the reasoning for the purple colouring came from but it just works.

Astral Cloud Ashes- Dear Absentee creator- 2018

A really bold orange and black splatter pressing here on the album ‘Dear Absentee creator’ by Jersey based alt rockers Astral Cloud Ashes. They actually sent me out this record last year and when I open it I wasn’t expecting such a pretty pressing. I mean just look at the artwork next to it, I don’t think, I have a record that works better at this when it comes to pulling over the vibe from the artwork onto the record. Reminds me of a tiger, I bloody love it.

Sisteray- Sisteray said- 2018

Really eye catching colour combo here from the amazing Sisteray with their EP ‘Sisteray said’. This teal, blue and orange pressing matches the high energy of their bold punk sound perfectly. I believe this pressing was pretty limited but can’t remember the number of copies exactly, but a really cool one to have in my collection and one I find myself reaching for pretty regularly.

Japanese house- Good at falling- 2019

The most recent record from this list comes from Dirty hit alumni The Japanese house with their long awaited the album good at falling. I only actually picked this up only two weeks ago and if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me get a little excited over the colour of this pressing. It’s the indie store only purple/violet transparent edition, limited to 1000 copies. I pick this up at Rough Trade East were honestly didn’t expect to find this pressing I went in to buy the plain black one so I was very happy to find this one instead. The picture doesn’t justice how much of a rich colour this is while still staying transparent, holding it up to the light it offers more of a pinkish hue very similar to the Hunna pressing. It’s just a very pleasant one to watch spinning on the turntable.

Creeper- Eternity in your arms- 2017

The final record on this list undoubtedly one of my favourites of all time it’s Creepers ‘Eternity in your arms’ . The Sunday just gone actually marks it’s 2 year anniversary and in that two years I have not been able to stop listening to it and this pressing only makes me love it more. As you can see it this features a nice mixture of colours in a marble type style I think there is about 5 different shades left in there, the predominant being purple then you’ve got some light blue and some white. It’s a concept album so the gatefold artwork represents and enhances that along with the record itself. As a whole package you feel you’re really getting a story with this album and it’s physical delivery, really really really love this one.

So there we go 10 of my favourite colour vinyl records i’m thinking of turning this into a series and doing me 10 most expensive records and 10 best picture discs etc so let me know if that’s what you want over on my Instagram at @Lucy_McCourt_blog there’s loads of fun content there so if you’re not already following me then you should be. Anyway thank you for giving this a read, I love you very much and I shall see you next time.

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