Hello, welcome back, today I am doing something a little different, I often give my opinion on topics without being asked however, I have asked my lovely instagram followers what issue or topics surrounding the music industry/ scene they want me to talk about. They got some really interesting ones in that I would never have thought to talk about. I’ve picked my favourites from them, so let’s get into it. Disclaimer, these are all my personal opinions, if yours differ please let me know, I love a healthy and respectful debate.

I’m assuming we are talking about this from the position or artists, promotors, labels etc here and not resale touts. I think you really have to look at each situation or artist individually when it comes to their ticket prices, and if you leave feeling satisfied that you got a good value for money performance, I feel that can be justified. Using a really poppy example here but tickets for an Ed Sheeran show can be listed between £60-£90 and that is just obscene considering he offers nothing but himself, a guitar and a loop pedal but then you look at the artists that generally put a lot into their live shows like Pink or even Taylor Swift where you got a lot more in terms of a performance. I feel it’s all down to circumstance and nowadays artists barely make anything from people streaming their music so tickets & merch have to kind of recoup that, so I get it in a sense as long as they don’t take the piss. For me personally It’s a rarity to go to a big arena show so it doesn’t concern me too much, I know I can pay 8 quid or so and have a good night out and see 3/4 bands so i’d much rather do that.

Fandoms and the elitism in them does my head in and I don’t even really involve myself with any, they’re just bloody everywhere. I feel like I don’t really want to mention any in particular as I’m not about that drama life but I’d say most fandoms have their toxic groups as theres always going to be a certain fraction of every group that are shitty people. One thing I really don’t understand is that everyone is involved in a fandom to show love and support a band/artist, they all love the same thing yet there is so much hate and drama between people. It also annoys me when people have the attitude that if you don’t constantly show your love on social media that you are any less of a fan, someone could be listening to that bands/artists albums a lot more than you are but because they’re not posting about it and following the band round the country that makes them less of a fan, newsflash it doesn’t grow up ya melt. The term ‘Local’ is something I see a lot and really hate, people can be a casual fan of a band without full indulging every inch of themselves into their music and still go to a gig, so when I see people talking about ‘Locals’ at shows that just doesn’t sit well with me, it’s very very elitist and creates such a toxic environment for more casual fans who maybe don’t know every word to every track in a bands discography but want to go and see a cool act live, people and particularly adult ‘Stans’ really need to pull their heads out of their arses and stop being so petty because it’s just embarrassing.

Well he just made a bit of a mess of it all really, perfect example of how not to run a label. He wrecked himself to be honest mate.

The number of women that have come out with accusations of sexual harassment against so many indie bands is just ridiculous. I’m not going to name names because it’s not worth the drama of it all but some of their inability to handle young female attention is worrying, there is a very clear power complex in place between a young girl and a most likely adult band member and the way that they can take advantage of that is just grim really.

Very topical given record store day has just passed. It’s really shitty but we’re never going to be able to really stop it. People compare it to touts reselling tickets online but we have ways around that, like needing ID to get into venues and retailers having the ability to cancel tickets. With a tangible object like a record it’s not so easy and they have tried by limiting one copy of a release per person which is definitely a positive move. The problem is that people are then buying the releases at these extortionate prices on eBay therefore giving these resellers business, the best thing people can do to really sort this issue is to stop buying from them, they’ll soon stop doing it when they don’t make any money. I was looking through ebay on Saturday night just to have a look at the prices things were being listed for and actually there were a lot of auctions starting at just 99p, I watched a couple of them just out of curiosity to see how much they went for and they all sold for way above what they would have done originally from the store, so that was as a result of the buyers not even the touts. Where theres demand you are always going to get someone supplying at an inflated rate, I don’t agree with it but I also don’t think we are going to stop it anytime soon.

This could be a touchy one but I’m going to try not to tip toe around it as much as possible, if you followed me on social media about the time ‘Leaving Neverland’ aired you will know that I believe the two men, I haven’t watched ‘Surviving R Kelly’ yet but from what I’ve read about the situation I believe the victims. Unless there is any plausible evidence to say assault or abuse didn’t happen I will believe the accuser. I think when it comes to separating their art from them as a character really comes down to the individual deciding, Michael Jackson released so much music that means so much to so many people in such a personal way, he was the soundtrack to a lot of peoples lives and I think to expect people to just drop that would be a little silly and social justice warror-esque. I think as long as people are aware and respectful then there shouldn’t be a problem. As for radio stations pulling his music, its a move that I feel was done for the headlines, people are still going to listen if they want to and you can’t stop them. I personally won’t be going out of my way to listen to anyone accused music and there are definitely some artists around now that I have decided to swerve when it comes to getting into or supporting because of accusations. I personally believe that you can separate the art from the artist but awareness is key and we should focus on educating people instead of shutting them down for continuing to listen to an artists music.

The indie/DIY scene is such a welcoming and wholesome place,I think the bigger end of the music industry is very disconnected with little sense of community and creative freedom of identity. Not everything is based around money instead just the idea of having fun and creating. A very personable environment where everyone has your back and wants you to succeed.

So there we go, my opinion on some issues and topics surrounding the music scene and community. I got a lot more than these sent to me so if yo -didn’t see yours here don’t worry I have got them all saved, so I’m thinking of maybe doing a part 2 if people enjoyed this. Let me know? Also, if you don’t already know, the third edition of my magazine Into The Grooves is now up for pre order, set for release 30th of April this is our best yet and I cannot wait to share it with you, so click here to get your hands on a copy before anyone else… https://www.intothegrooves.com/online-store

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