What makes you think that you call for a whole community of people who have assisted you in your success lose their jobs, their livelihoods?

How narcissistic do you have to be to think you are immune to criticism from anyone unapproved by yourself?

How petty do you have to be to explode in such a childlike way to any criticism? The phrase throwing your toys out of the pram comes to mind.

How can someone who works in a creative industry have such a lack of respect for others, surely as an artist you would be able to comprehend the idea of open interpretation and the subjective nature of art?

I’d say that there are very few artists who haven’t been helped out by magazines,blogs,zines etc you included, a lot of these writers will never earn astronomical amounts of money or gain extreme notoriety unlike the artists we offer a platform to, however big or small. We kind of work behind the scenes in a way but we play an integral part of promoting and building up artists so for someone like you to call for each and every one of us to be unemployed is so ignorant and naive.

Just jumping into the specifics you have said that it’s the journalists that don’t make music who should be unemployed. From my own experience both being a music writer and knowing lots of them wether you make music or not it’s still going to be down to our own personal enjoyment and interpretation of it. Different perspectives from so many different demographics is what makes music review culture exciting.

So are journalisms that don’t play instruments but still give your music glowing reviews ok? Because you’re confusing me, if we got rid of all the journalists in the world who don’t make music you would not be where you are now. Accept it, pull your head out of your arse and take criticism like an adult,because you really aren’t doing yourself any favours.

Lastly, this is all probably just attention seeking so you’ll get spoken about by critics and writers but I’d suggest maybe just put more effort into making your music the best it can be than just looking for click bait shock factor statements.Pissing off music journalists is really not going to do you an favours, people have crafted their skills much like any other creative and for yo to just dismiss that is utterly irresponsible. 

2 thoughts on “Dear Lizzo,chill out

  1. Agree with all this! Journalism and conversation is so important for artistic growth and it’s silly to disregard it

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