I’m back today with my May indie playlist! Most of these songs were submitted to me via submithub: lucymccourt/submithub so if you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered for my future posts then that’s how you can get your music over to me. If I don’t approve your track over there you get at least 10 words of personal feedback from me, my emails just got too overrun with requests so unfortunately I have stopped taking submissions from there, I hope you can understand.

Sea Girls- Damage done

Kicking off today’s playlist with my track of the moment.Despite having released their debut single just short of two years ago Sea girls have well and truly established them self as a force to be reckoned with in the indie sphere. ‘Damage Done’ is the latest addition to their discography and one that I’ve had on loop since its release, oozing feel good euphoric energy courtesy of chirpy guitar licks, some underlying synthy goodness and most importantly front man Henry’s almost effortlessly smooth and character drenched vocals. It’s just one of those numbers that it’s impossible to be sad while listening to and leaves you with that warm fuzzy feeling. Undoubtedly one that is going to go off as a massive sing along at their UK tour dates later this year, with it’s final pre chorus repeating the line ‘I don’t really wanna dance’ before meeting its anthemic peak that will make it hard for you to fight the urge to move.

Down For Tomorrow – Thanks to you

Straying away from the UK acts for a moment and heading over to to the other side of the world with my next track from Sydney based rockers Down For Tomorrow with their latest single ‘Thanks to you’. Pulling very nostalgic pop-punk tones but giving them a modern twist featuring an amazingly natural understated vocal style that just sits so effortlessly with the instrumentals growing bigger and bigger as the track progresses. Along the way the track does pick up some momentum and we are hit with the explosively noisy choruses that bring out the rawer vocal reach. Overall a really strong journey of a track that makes use of a solid, distinctive structure that I cannot help but love.

Badminton- I Was You Were

Taken as a single from their debut EP ‘Trying to get a reservation at dorsia now’ the three piece Leeds based outfit Badminton are ready to dominate your playlists with their indie drenched banger ‘I was you were’. An amazingly textured soundscape here made up of funky guitar licks and very George Daniels 1975- eqsue patterns here on the drums, you can definitely hear some synthy textures and other percussion deep down in there, it’s a very full sound that feels like every single second has been sculpted. Again like with the Sea Girls track it just leaves you feeling good, it’s got a extremely positive vibe to it. Love love love what I’ve heard of these guys so far and I hope I’ve been able to put them on a lot of your radars because I’m calling it now, they’re going to be the next big thing. Have a listen to their EP and thank me later.

Cover of the month-

7 Rings – SC.undercover

Reviving the feature of ‘Cover of the month’ here in these playlists for this so you know it’s special. Right so if you know me or follow me on Instagram you may know that over the past couple of months I have not been able to stop listening to the pop princess herself Miss Ariana Grande so when this cover came through to me I was immensely intrigued. Taking a very different take from the original, ditching Ari’s braggadocious lyrics about her extravagant spending habits for a duet male/female flow featuring a more personal relationship narrative from the two perspectives. Sporting a rich soundscape infused with smooth classic R&B tones while still sticking true to the originals appeal while adding a totally fresh dynamic that I cannot get enough of. This actually isn’t on Spotify so you can catch it on Soundcloud or YouTube here:

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