Hellooo, welcome back as you have probably been able to grasp by the title of this post today I am going to be responding to my Instagram followers unpopular opinions.If you don’t already follow me i’m @lucy_mccourt_blog on there. I’ve done a couple of these follower participation posts now so if you want to possibly be involved in a future one then make sure to follow and keep your eyes open. Let’s get into it..

I kind of agree with this one, but for me personally I don’t enjoy the overuse of it where it becomes the most distinctive and prominent feature in the mix. It’s an amazing tool that can be used so effectively to take a track to the next level but yeah it all depends on how it’s used. I’m not a fan of when its used in placement of real talent.

I’m not a big fan of the Arctic Monkeys but what I have heard of TBHAC I have LOVEDDD. It’s definitely a different direction but it just has such a rich maturity to it that I really enjoy.

Haha when I posted this on my story I had this almost instant influx of Oasis & The 1975 opinions, these are just a selection of them but you can get the idea. Right so, ‘What’s the story (Morning Glory)’ & ‘Definitely maybe’ are classics and classics do tend to become highly overrated and I do think that is what’s happened. I have little too no interest in their discography past that point as it just isn’t as strong and just feels churned out. As for the Gallaghers solo careers I definitely think Noel has the higher ground, he has switched it up and I know a lot of people don’t like his changing style but Liam is still making music that sounds like it could have come straight out of Oasis in the 2000’s.I don’t know if maybe that’s because he knows people will just eat it up or that he doesn’t have the creative flare to branch out but yeah overall can get behind the ‘Overrated’ status but you can’t blame the band for that, it’s the peoples/fans fault

Agreed, if you’re not writing your music, heavily altering your voice and not playing an instrument I’ve got to question where the talent is. I feel like there are too many artist out there at the moment who are made famous for being a pretty face and I guess that’s how it has always been but nowadays with the technology we have it’s so easy to create popstar from nowhere. That’s not saying that all popstars aren’t talented because I truly believe that the majority of them are I mean look at the likes of Ariana Grande, Shawn Mendes but it’s definitely too easy to make someone a popstar.

I think this is something that can be said about a lot of bands and ties into what I just mentioned about Oasis. My own unpopular opinion here is that I truly believe that a bands/artists first album is the one that truly and most accurately represents them it’s the closest you’re going to get to authenticity and I think that’s why debuts are always albums people hold to such high account because they are not usually being created for anyone other than the band. With The Strokes I just feel like that another case of that. ‘Is This It’ is in my opinion the best album so yeah I agree with you in a way but then also think if you don’t like the other stuff then just don’t listen to it. With me there, a lot of debut albums of artists that I’ve brought and they’re in my record collection and I have never picked up the rest of their discography because I just appreciate the album as a single art form rather than looking at the whole discography. Even with certain bands let’s take Black Sabbath as an example I don’t listen to a lot of the albums that were made without Ozzy as the frontman because for me personally my view of Black Sabbath is with him leading. So I kind of dip in and out of their discography

This is probably the hardest most whole hearted 100% agree I will give in this post there have been way too many examples of bandmates being exposed as sexual predators racists, homophobes the list goes on and the stupidity of some people to continue to blindly discredit such blatant and obvious accusations out of love and admiration for the person in question and in some cases facts baffles me.Adult fans of bands and artists as well if anything I can excuse it with children or young teenagers but for adults to be so ignorant I actually don’t understand it.They are horrible shitty people in every industry and music industry is no different it’s always going to be shitty people and for people to pretend that isn’t really annoys me

Haha right so I on my social media have expressed my love for Mr Lewis Capaldi too many times over the past couple of months but recently I do feel as if his whole social media persona is possibly constructed because there feels like such an inauthentic drive to constantly be a meme and be funny and that it just doesn’t feel too natural at this point. If you separate the art from the artist the music is not revolutionary it’s not something I don’t feel I haven’t heard before from other artists so really the attachment of his social media personality is selling it’s promoting the music that maybe isn’t that good. He’s got talent I do enjoy his voice but I just feel lyrically and instrumentally it does get a little generic at points and although we haven’t got the album yet I feel as if it’s just going to be ‘Someone you loved’ reincarnated for 12 tracks but because he’s pre-ordered with the free gift of his ‘Iconic sunglasses’ and toilet roll with his face on it people will buy that and therefore another album sale clocked in.I think maybe the cracks starting to show just purely because of the almost constant attempts to be relateable, funny, memeable it just feels too much

Definitely I really agree with you it’s not something I personally find myself enjoying but I think like with many other genres possibly slightly more so here there is a lot of shit out there to have to sift through to get to the really strong good stuff and I think maybe that sometimes gets in the way of people who will just listen to the shit and instantly throw away and discredit the possibility of them enjoying the genre.

Another one here but has proved to be pretty controversial. So if you follow my socials or even read some my blog posts occasionally you will know that I am a fan of the 1975 however that does not mean that I cannot criticise or take a less than favourable viewpoint on certain topics. As I mentioned previously is nothing I fucking hate more than people who are fans of bands and artists and will literally be up their ass every single second and could not step back and have a perspective that not everything they put out is amazing and not everything they do as individuals is acceptable and we’ve got stop putting people on this pedestal and holding them to a level where they are immune from criticism. So yes the 1975 the first comment here that I want to just jump into a little closer is that their lyrics aren’t deep or meaningful so I feel like I stand in the middle of this statement because as a pop band and they are a pop band, there is no disputing that.
they do have lyrical substance that maybe other artists are lacking so I do appreciate them for that however that being said they do not have the most revolutionary lyrics of any band/artist ever and in a way, I do feel like they trend hop there are plenty of bands and artists active now making amazing music about current affairs politics the environment love in way I personally feel it comes across slightly more authentic.Instrumentally they do have that feel good factor they can make these amazing soundscapes but my personal perspective as a person that listens and reviews a lot of music because I do work on a platform where I listen to a shit tonne of music and I often come across things that are just so much richer and deeper sound wise than I feel The 1975 often get praised for and I feel that has helped me become a little more able to not criticise but to maybe take a step back and realise that they aren’t the only band out there making tunes like that. They’re really good, I love them live but they’re records aren’t ones I typically tend to reach for often.

Haha I’ve been seeing so many people online so disappointed with their new album and to be honest it’s not something I feel like I’m really able to comment on I have not listened to them past their singles and I’ve never claimed to have done or claimed to be a fan but from what everyone else has been saying yeah it’s quite underwhelming.

Yes and there is a shit tonne of it.

Yeah, I get why people think that I do feel like they slightly push the vibe and little bit too much at points where it does stray into being a tad cringy but you know they’re fucking Arctic Monkeys they can do whatever they want and people still flocks to their shows and will still love them.I don’t feel like they can really go wrong.

Yeah I get that I personally never liked him or is found him to be a bit of a twat and I personally struggle to be able to look past him as a person to get to his music as it is really his defining feature so yeah not a Morrissey fan

I think this will have to be the biggest disagree in this blog post I am a massive massive fan of female fronted bands or all female bands/female artists. I’m just gutted there’s not more of them but there’s definitely so many coming through at the moment that I can not get enough of and in a way I often find female bands are more distinctive than male bands you can listen to a Spotify top indie playlist and sometimes I cannot make distinction between the male fronted bands but the female fronted bands come on and I instantly know who I’m listening to. Whether it’s that’s YONAKA, Anteros, BLOXX or even the more out ther stuff with the likes of Pussy Liqour & The menstrual cramps there is so many fukcing amazing female bands coming through so I really really disagree with the statement coming through.

This is definitely a controversial one and one that I’m very hesitantly agreeing with. I can appreciate what Beatles did the modern music and I can appreciate the influence however for me I can just not listen to them there is nothing about them that I like that enjoy their just not for me. I feel like I’m missing out I really really want to like them because they are such an iconic band and fans of them seem to have a really good time with it. Maybe I’m just ignorant, maybe I’m not giving them a good enough chance but yeah fully agree with you don’t like the Beatles.

Lowkey kind of agree, they are death specialising ‘Unknown Pleasures’ is one of my favourite albums of all time

Agree agree agree yes yes yes there are too many bands out there making music that is almost impossible to distinguish between indie artists and indie artists there is definitely a lot of copycat stuff out and I don’t feel like it’s intentional always but you know it is what it is and again as I mention with the electronic genre you’ve got a sieve through the shit to find the good stuff in there and that is well and truly true with indie there’s an amazing stuff out there, you’ve just got to find it.

So that you go that’s me reacting to you some of my followers on popular music related opinions and I definitely had fun with this so I will consider doing again maybe we can do it every other month last month I’ve done very similar ones that required Instagram follower participation for the past 2 months so yeah and maybe this is something is working here let me know if you enjoy it. As I mentioned earlier make sure to follow me @Lucy_McCourt_blog on Instagram so you don’t miss the chance to be included. Also just little bit of self promotion that into the grooves Edition three is still available to order now you can do that here: https://www.intothegrooves.com/online-store

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