Before I start I apologise for any spelling or grammatical mistakes but I just had to get this out as soon as I could.

If you are involved in the record scene/community then good chance you’ve heard about Vinyl Revolution, a small indie store in the heart of Brighton. Since opening in 2017 they’ve become extremely well loved by both locals and tourists with their vast stock of vintage as well as shiny new releases alongside their ethical merchandise line.

Image result for vinyl revolution store

I absolutely adore this store and any visits to Brighton in the past 2 years has not been complete for me without popping in,every morning I have a cup of tea out of my Vinyl Revolution mug .Always such a warm and friendly atmosphere from all the staff, a great place to go and browse but this evening the news broke that they will be opening their doors for the last time this Saturday.

I could sit here and lay out the reasons but I think it comes best from Rachel and Simon

Political dysfunction and uncertainty is ruining our high streets, it’s impossible for indie stores to break even let alone turn a profit and it’s heartbreaking especially for me to see both record stores and venues hanging on by a thread.

They’ve launched a petition to fund research on the impact of indie shop closures & online shopping on the UK economy + Set up a retail crisis fund to provide emergency assistance to indie retailers. Please sign this if you don’t want to see your local high street stripped of passionately run interdependent stores

All that I’ve really got left to say is, all my love to both Rachel and Simon, Brighton will not be the same without you but I’m sure you’ll figure it out.

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