I’m back today with my July indie playlist! Most of these songs were submitted to me via submithub: lucymccourt/submithub so if you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered for my future posts then that’s how you can get your music over to me. If I don’t approve your track over there you get at least 10 words of personal feedback from me, my emails just got too overrun with requests so unfortunately I have stopped taking submissions from there, I hope you can understand.

Yur Mum- Sweatshop

Opening up the playlist in the best way possible…LOUD with the latest cut from London based three piece Yur Mum. ‘Sweatshop’ takes you on an invigoratingly energy packed to the brim journey (and not a smooth one).Vocalist Anelise dominates the number with her fierce zero fucks given energy over the vigorously sharp riffs and raw drum work. From the opening strike of the guitar on this, instantly knew it was going to be one of my favourite tracks of the year and it is very much living up to that title, it’s big, it’s brash and it’s bloody brilliant. Undoubtgtly One of the most exciting emerging bands around and you heard it here first 😉

Kid Kapichi- Death Dips

Next up we have returning members to this playlist, Hastings rockers Kid Kapichi. I absolutely love hearing what they have to offer and their latest track ‘Death Dips’ definitely does not disappoint.Catastrophically destructive in the best way possible showcasing frontman Jack’s assertively charisma drenched vocals over the rapid mosh pit worthy instrumental built of razor-sharp guitar strikes. A very circus -esque interlude comes in to break up the madness keeping with the tracks narrative of an acid trip on a haunted rollercoaster. They’re heading out on their first UK headline tour in October so make sure you catch them there! I cannot wait to see them at Neverworld festival in a couple weeks time.

Candid- Concrete Jungle

Coventry based four piece are back with their latest single ‘Concrete Jungle’ and it’ll definitely get you up on your feet. Catchy lyricism layered up over a perfect blend of sleek guitar licks, quirky drum rhythms and glossy bass rifs.Keeping tracks danceable while still folding in gritty undertones is something these guys pull off exceptionally well and the anthemic climax here will undoubtably have you grooving along.

Blossoms- Your Girlfriend

Wrapping up this months list of favourites with the latest one from Stockport outfit Blossoms with their track ‘Your girlfriend’ I have genuinely had this on loop since it was released and It’s definitely on the road to landing itself as one of my favourite tracks of the year. Drenched in 80’s inspired synthy goodness the track tells the story of a guy jealous of his mates girlfriend, lyrically really intriguing, very upfront and literal which I really like.100% the track of the summer, a real driving with the windows down anthem and if you’ve not yet had a listen then you are missing out

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