I’m back today with another unpopular opinions post, all of these were submitted by my Instagram followers, make sure to follow me @lucy_mccourt_blog to submit yours for the next one. Let’s jump into it.

Honestly it took a while to grow on me, when I first heard it I just thought it sounded a little 2000’s Oasis but after a few listens I did find myself enjoying it a little more. I don’t think it’s anything particularly special but it’s definitely catchy and I’m very excited to hear the album.

I highly highly doubt it, he fully pushed boundaries within every aspect of his career and he pissed a lot of people off doing it which is why I love him. I don’t think it’s the case of people not being edgy enough but I just think that it takes a lot more to shock nowadays, the world has moved on a lot even in such a short period of time and I definitely think that happened as a result of these shocking figures.

This is a hard agree for me, they are obviously extremely talented but I have never found them interesting enough to be headline material at all. Maybe I just haven’t given them a good enough chance bit they’ve never pulled me in.

I touched on this one pretty heavily in my last reacting post but now the album is here I want to bring it up here again. I have gone from slightly agreeing with this to 101% agreeing.My prediction for his album in my last post was and I quote ‘I feel as if it’s just going to be ‘Someone you loved’ reincarnated for 12 tracks but because he’s pre-ordered with the free gift of his ‘Iconic sunglasses’ and toilet roll with his face on it people will buy that and therefore another album sale clocked in” and I was right. The album was nothing special, he’s even crafted up a bit of drama with Noel Gallagher recently, convenient isn’t it, he’ got to keep his name on peoples lips somehow and Noel is always fighting to remain relevant it stinks of PR stunt and I think if anyone is truly believing it then they’re a mug. As I’ve said I do think that he was good at playing his character at the start but now it has just become so blatant, he’s not poor, he’s not got any trouble with women so I don’t really know why he’s still pushing that in an attempt to be relatable. At this point though I don’t even think he is the driving force of this whole persona, his label and management are making sure you have a constant feed of funny tweets and memes shoved down your throat and it just comes off as so inauthentic. He is a meme and we all know memes have short lived jeopardy and you know the end is near when mums are posting about it on Facebook

I have to wholeheartedly disagree here, she is my biggest ever guilty pleasure, I often find myself opening Spotify to try and find some easy listening music to put on while I’m working and I always end up sticking her on. I genuinely think she is one of if not the most talented pop artist on the scene at the moment and she comes across as super lovely . A lot of people would not expect this response from me given my typical music taste and I personally never thought I’d be saying this but she is definitely one of my favourite artists at the moment

I get what you’re saying with this but I personally wouldn’t say it’s not good, I still really enjoy listening to it but yeah definitely compared to the rest of their discography it’s not one I would pick out as a favourite. Come as you are and in bloom are both amazing tracks, Heart shaped box would have to be my favourite massive hit from them and a couple over favourites would be ‘Pennyroyal tea’ and ‘Floyd the barber’ I’m actually thinking of doing a top 10 nirvana tracks post so if you want that let me know. Coming back to Smells like teen spirit, I think it just had such a cultural effect at the time which solidified it as one of the classics and the problem with classics is that they get overplayed and you do kind of end up resenting them

Let’s jump into another Nirvana related one, I don’t think they are necessarily overrated because they are one of my favourite bands of all time but I get where people are coming from when they say it.Nirvana is plastered over t shirts everywhere, Kurt was and is such a popular and recognisable figure. I feel like there is argument for any classic band to be labelled as overrated but I feel like ‘Nirvana’ as a brand rather than a band is overrated if that makes sense, I feel their name and legacy has been tarnished a bit by the heavy commercialisation of the name.Kurt was a genius and their music means a lot to me, I try and focus on the music, the emotion and experiences behind it because that is why Kurt wrote it and I respect his legacy hugely .

100% agree,I’ve personally always really enjoyed her music, I feel she’s an extremely authentic artist. I think her upcoming album might be her best yet, but we’ll just have to wait and see.

I agree with you for everyone but The Amazons here, I 100% get the sound and vibe you mean here for me they are the bands whose albums I’ll listen to for one track, struggle to get through and click off knowing I’ll never touch it again. There are too many bands churning out the same indie rock/pop sound without adding anything exciting or fresh, I feel like I’m just getting recycled material and it’s not that the tracks are terrible but they just bore me at this point. I’ve really been loving The Amazons recently, I feel like they’re incorporating a lot heavier tones into their tunes.

Agreed, I swear some people talk about the Spice Girls as if they were the first females to ever make music, I mean I obviously wasn’t even born when they were doing their thing but I know that of course they had a massive impact and that is undeniable. I think they gave a whole generation of girls an identity more than a band/artist ever had before so I get why they get the credit for it.

You know what, I don’t think they are in a way, I don’t think people are that bothered about them to be honest and I feel this is geared more towards Liam than Noel but I feel like people are still supporting them so they get the chance to hear the Oasis tracks live, I know that’s why I definitely gave his solo stuff a go and paid to see him live. I think their solo careers aren’t great and will never been as highly regarded as Oasis

So that you go that’s me reacting to some of my followers unpopular music related opinions, I love doing these . As I mentioned earlier make sure to follow me @Lucy_McCourt_blog on Instagram so you don’t miss the chance to be included.

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