One of my favourite freshest bands on the scene right now HAWXX have just dropped their third single ‘You’re no god’ and it’s BIG!

I’ve been championing these guys since the release of their debut single anti-valentines day anthem ‘Love’s a bitch’ back in February and they just keep getting better.

Ferocious is always the word that springs to mind when I listen to HAWXX and ‘You’re no god’ is no exception, raucous from the outset striking with their trademark gritty guitar riffs and raging drums throughout.

With the double XX in their name symbolising the double XX female chromosome they are a breath of fresh air in the overly male saturated alt-rock/ metal scene. Frontwomen Annas vocals dominate here you can hear the wholehearted passion as she kicks out the lyrics. Talking of the eaning behind the track that band said:

“You’re No God is a song of empowerment for survivors. Survivors of abuse, survivors of addiction, survivors of illness and more. It’s a song for those who have spoken out and those who are still silent. For those who have overcome and those who are still fighting. We want to use this song to celebrate our resilience and our power over our brokenness and our trauma. And say FUCK YOU to anyone or anything that has tried to control us or diminish us”- HAWXX

I absolutely adore these guys, they just keep getting better and better, this is my personal favourite of theirs, so much badass energy and confidence. Press play and get ready to feel empowered.

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