Bringing you the debut single from fresh faced Leeds rockers Central arcade with their track ‘Hideaway’

Despite having only formed in January when you hit play on this it just feels like they’ve been together for ages, such a tight-knit distinctive sound.

Captivatingly catchy ‘Hideaway’ is pulling summer vibes well into the autumn with it’s easy going laid back bubbly licks and warm drum kicks. Vocally this strikes me as having similarities to The Vaccines Justin Young, very robust and strong making for a well-balanced number.

When speaking about the meaning behind the track the band commented ‘We believe the song is about been stuck in two minds and not being able to come to terms with something, cutting yourself off from the world when it’s not going right’

Extremely extremely promising stuff from these guys I’m so excited to hear more of what they have got to offer and I’m sure you are too. Make sure to give them a follow on their Instagram you can find them @central_arcade to get all the updates

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