Hey guys, I’m going to be trying out a new thing here every month where I give you the low down on all the latest vinyl releases and cool pressings from Townsend.com .As you know I am a massive vinyl freak so curating this should be a lot of fun for me.

Disclaimer: All of the links provided are affiliate which means I will receive a small percentage of the sale, it’s a really helpful way for you to support me while picking up some really cool releases*

Now that’s out of the way let’s jump straight into it with my first pick!

RECORD OF THE MONTH: Oasis ‘Definitely Maybe’ 25th Anniversary Edition Silver Pressing: townsendmusic.com/lucy/Oasis

This week marked the 25th anniversary of the biggest album in Britpop, the iconic Oasis debut ‘Definitely Maybe’. A certified classic jam-packed full with back to back classics ‘Rock ‘n’ roll star’ ‘Supersonic’ ‘Cigarettes and alcohol’ ‘Live forever’ just to name a few but I’m sure you’re already familiar with this albums sparkling tracklist. It’s one that’s been in my collection for as long as I can remember, 100% one of those staples, however, I don’t think it had been pressed on coloured vinyl, I may be wrong with that but I’ve definitely not seen any coloured versions of this outside of bootleg pressings. Pressed on heavyweight silver vinyl to celebrate it’s silver anniversary this is definitely not maybe one for any oasis fan. It is limited though so make sure you grab one quickly

Buy Online Oasis - Definitely Maybe: 25th Anniversary Edition Double Silver

The Futureheads ‘Powers’ – Red & White VinyL (Limited edition) : townsendmusic.com/lucy/Thefutureheads

Sunderland formed rockers The Futureheads are back with their first album since 2012 and it’s one for the collection. Their trademark heavy riff drenched rock anthems with smooth indie sensibilities are some of my favourites. I am in love with this red and clear pinwheel pressing.

No Hot Ashes- Hardship Starship pastel vinyl townsendmusic.com/lucy/Nohotashes

Stockport four-piece No Hot Ashes are a band I’ve been championing for a while now and they’ve just dropped their debut LP ‘Hardship Starship’ back to back catchy indie earworms. This pressing is one of my favourites this year as you can see it matches the artwork perfectly with its pastel pink and blue colouring. Looks great on the turntable.


Liam Gallagher- Why Me Why Not- Bottle green vinyl: townsendmusic.com/lucy/liamgallagher

The second mention of a Gallagher here today, the highly anticipated ‘As you were’ follow up album ‘Why me why not’ is set for release later next month and you can pick up the limited edition bottle green vinyl. From what we’ve heard from the singles so far we’re definitely in for a treat so make sure to grab one of these before they’re gone!

Sam Fender- Hypersonic Missiles- Clear vinyl: townsendmusic.com/lucy/samfender

Another hotly anticipated album here but this time it’s a debut. Sam Fender has been taking the scene by storm recently with his often politically fueled numbers and dreamy vocals. He’s already big but once this lands get ready to hear and see this guy everywhere. It’s being pressed on clear vinyl as well, what’s not to love?

There we go, my first ever vinyl guide, if you liked this let me know, I’d love to carry on doing them. These are just my picks Townsend.com have got loads more amazing limited vinyl, boxsets, CD’s, signed items.

They’ve also got a sale on with loads of artists merch including Cabbage, Frank Zappa, Iggy Pop, Oh Wonder and plenty more so make sure to head over and check that out here: townsend.com/lucy/sale

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