Strap yourself in,London’s fittest four-piece BLOXX are back with their latest single ‘Go Out With You’ and trust me it’s a banger.

Ophelia and co have grabbed the ears of millions with their catchy and sleek fusion of indie-pop with a pinch of grunge and this new track is just another gem in their discography.

Opening on a funky bassline hitting straight in with their trademark infectiousness, it’s got that instant BLOXX vibe ya know? I find that in the overly saturated indie scene there is often little distinction from one band to the next but these guys have fully found and mastered their sound. While extremely danceable ‘Go Out With You’ also sports really rich warm textures that alongside the catchy lyrics brings that replayability we’ve all come to love and expect from BLOXX tracks.

Lyrically not leaving much to the imagination, Fee makes it pretty clear what she wants to do, she wants to go out and she wants to do it with you. It’s pretty simplistic with its lyrical make up but that’s part of its appeal. It’s radio-ready, you’ll be singing along to it long after hitting pause, it’s fucking brilliant! That’s it that’s the review, wish I had saved myself the energy of typing the rest of it up and left it at that.

No doubt this is going to form as a firm fan favourite and live it’s undoubtedly going to send the crowd into a singalong. They’re hitting the road this Friday to start a lengthy string of UK shows including their biggest headline show to date in London’s Dome as well as stops in Birmingham, Nottingham and Bristol just to name a few, I’ll leave details below but be quick to grab your tickets, some of the shows have already sold out!

Listen to ‘Go Out With You’ here:

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