Welcome back, it feels like forever since I’ve posted here so today I’m back with a big one. Black Friday is this week I know it’s so easy to get overwhelmed by the deals and sometimes difficult to navigate sites to find exactly what you want. I thought I’d help you out a little and do some of the searching for you, you can thank me later. There’s a bit of a mixture in here, some are whole shop sections, others individual products and some quick-fire ones with no explanation, how mysterious? I’ve stuck to only mentioning brands and stores that I know are legit, it can be a minefield nowadays with some dodgy websites scamming buyers and I think with events like Black Friday people are made extremely vulnerable since low prices may look more believable.

I’d also urge you to try and shop local if possible, ask your local audio store what deals they’ll be having, I’m a huge advocate of keeping the high street alive but obviously, I could not possibly phone every audio and record store in the UK to compile this list. Make sure to follow me on Instagram @Lucy_mccourt_blog, if I find any more deals worth sharing I’ll be posting them on my Instagram story.

Now all that’s out the way let’s get to what you’re here for:



The whole Marshall range of Bluetooth speakers are currently on sale for Black Friday on Amazon, Argos and Currys, I’m sharing the Currys link because they have their Black Friday price match, if they reduce it anymore you’ll get refunded the difference. Marshall is a brand that’s always been associated with both high build and audio quality and these speakers are no exception. The range starts with the Action model, this is the only one that doesn’t feature an RCA input so you can’t use it with your turntable, it does have an Aux input as well as the Bluetooth function, a quite compact desktop size speaker but the audio quality is not compromised. For each of their models, there’s the option to purchase it with either an Amazon Alexa or Google home built-in but as you can control the treble, bass and volume from your phone it’s not a necessity and If you’ve already got a home assistant it probably isn’t worth the extra money. From the Action up to the one I really want to speak about, the Stanmore II this one is bigger and does feature an RCA input so perfect if you want to use as part of your turntable set up, currently the non Alexa model is at £199 from £299 and the one with Alexa £294 from £370. The most expensive Woburn model sits at £400 it’s pretty much just the larger version of the Stanmore II, in a small room I really don’t see the need for the Woburn because even the Acton can fill a room. The whole range is compatible with their Multi-room functionality, so you can listen from around the house through different speakers. These are selling out quickly so if you want to grab one at these prices you’ll have to be quick

BEATS X WIRELESS- Amazon.co.uk/Beatsx

I’ve had my Beats X’s for coming up to two years and they’ve yet to fail me. They come with 4 different bud size options for the perfect fit and ultimately better sound unlike Apple Airpods, if you’ve ever owned a pair of Beats you know you’re getting quality audio, perfect for the everyday user and possibly the best thing about them is that a 5 minute charge will give you 2 hours of playback, if you forgot to fully charge them before you leave the house and they go dead when out you’re only without music for minutes before you can put them back in and play. Perfect if like me you’re rubbish at remembering to put things on charge. The white and black are down from £109.95 to £79.99 and the red and black are sitting at £89.95. I have the white and they do tend to get pretty dirty, mine are stained from blue hair dye so unless you’re really set on the white ones I’d definitely suggest the black.

Audio Technica LP120- Richersounds.com/LP120

A staple of the vinyl scene the Audio Technica LP120 is down to £199 from £239 at Richer Sounds, I’ve spoken about this turntable so many times here on the blog so I’m going to be quick in the feature rundown. I’ve had mine for 2 years now and I still love it as much as when I first got it. It features a direct drive motor, gives superb pitch stability if you fancy trying your hand at a bit of mixing, sturdy timeless build and even a USB output to archive your records to your PC or Mac. They’ve got so many turntables reduced at Richer sounds, if you’re looking for something slightly cheaper, maybe you’re starting out but don’t want a suitcase-style player they’ve got the Sony PSLX300 from £119 to £89 or if you want to splash the cash a little more they’ve got the Teac TN350 at £299 from £329.

Bose- Pre-Black Friday deals- www.bose.co.ukblackfriday

Bose have a got a great range of products in their pre-black Friday sale (yeah I don’t get it either) including earphones, full entertainment systems and waterproof wireless speakers. It’s on the higher end of the price scale but these are items you’ll have in your home for years and years. I’m finding that a lot of items are selling out really quickly so if you see something you want to try and be quick but with the products being pretty expensive you don’t want to buy it on a whim. This is great if you’ve had your eye on a specific product.



Sound of vinyl outlet store-  Soundofvinyl.com/outlet

While not technically a Black Friday deal I had to share with you the Sound of vinyl outlet, I’ve been shopping from here for a while and have picked up records for ridiculously low prices. Some of my favourites on there currently are Jake Buggs wonderful LP Shangri La, down from £15.99 to just £8, my personal favourite record from him. They’ve also got Slaves ballsy sophomore release ‘Take Contol’ they don’t say how much that’s down from but from having a look around the internet it usually retails for about £14. The sound of vinyl outlet is always home to boxsets with massive reductions, they have The 1975’s ‘I like it when you sleep for you are so beautiful yet so unaware of it’ to just £25 from £75 this was actually quite a bit more when it was initially released in 2016, it includes the transparent vinyl pressing and CD copy of the album, 2 7” singles and a photo book containing loads of previously unseen snaps from their time on the road touring. The packaging on this boxset is as you’d expect from The 1975, pure quality and if you know a fan of them who doesn’t already own this then it’d make for the best gift.


A spinoff to the typical Record store day celebrations we get in April Black Friday will see a limited run of some very special pressings popping up in record stores all over the country. If you’re not familiar with the format these exclusives will initially only be available in participating indie record stores but unlike the April event you will not have to wait a week to pick up any leftover stock online, stores are allowed to list them on the 30th but if you’ve got your heart set on a pressing I definitely recommend getting out there and soaking up the Black Friday Spirit. Some highlights of the list include the vinyl debut of The Weeknd’s ‘My Dear Melancholy‘, Slipknots ‘All out life/Unsainted’ pressed on 7″ picture disc and the events ambassadors Pearl Jams 1992 unplugged show. Not every store stocks all the releases and the releases can get pretty pricey but it’s all in aid of supporting your local indie record store so it’s definitely worth it, you can find out where your closest participating store is HERE

JUNO RECORDS- Juno.co.uk

Another one for the vinyl lovers amongst us, Juno records are doing 10% off of anything released before the 1st of October 2018 with the code BLK18. They stock everything from Dubstep and techno to spoken word and jazz so there’s something for everyone over there. Highly recommend a bit of virtual crate digging here.

INTO THE GROOVES EDITION 3- Intothegrooves.com

Shameless self-promo here, you can pick up edition 3 of Into The Grooves magazine for just £2, if you don’t already know what ITG is where have you been? It’s a print + digital project that I started last year that showcases and supports young journalists and photographers in the music industry by giving them the chance to have their work featured in print. I’m not being biased but I highly recommend it.


ANDERTONS- https://www.andertons.co.uk/black-friday

Anderstons have got a huge selection of B-stock items in their Black Friday sale, everything from guitars, amps pedals, mics, PA systems, studio monitors and way more than I can list. If you’ve been waiting to treat yourself to a new guitar why not do it now, you can grab a Ibanez RGIB6-BK Iron Label for just £509 down from £679.

Gear 4 music- Gear4music.o.uk/ blackfriday

They’ve got a bit of everything on there from lighting to home recording bundles, some good entry-level equipment as you know I don’t play music myself so I’m not in any position to tell you what’s good to buy but there seems to be some good deals here so have a look.

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