We’re officially in year-end list season! Today I’m sharing with you my top 100 tracks of 2019, exciting stuff. I hope you can appreciate that I’ve only written an explanation for the top 20, I was just going to do a top 20 list but there was just too much that I wanted to share with you all of  the tracks I’ve been loving over the past 12 months, enjoy x

100- Super groove – Madus


99- 2 seconds- The Elephant trees

the elepghant trees

98- Can’t take your call- Ormstrons


97- Changes- High Tropic


96- Headcase- Kailee Morgue ft Haley Kiyoko


95- Here to stay- Flawes


94- Separate ways- Sour


93- Derranged- Venus Grrls


92- Luck- Neon Islands


91- Shockwave- Liam Gallagher


90- The light- Sophie and the giants


89- Trip Love- Polar States


88- Never let her go- Katey Brookes


87- Cry- Cigarettes Ater Sex


86-Mother- The Amazons


85- Ticket- Okay Champ


84- Misery- Glass Peaks


83-  Sugarcane- Childcare


82- I disagree- Poppy


81- You’re No God- HAXX


80-Kiss like the sun- Jake Bugg


79- M5- Sports team


78- Crywank are posers- Crywank


77- Aftertaste- The Academic


76- Stupid- Ashnikko ft Yung Baby Tate


75-Post modern rhapsody- Wargasm


74- Press- Cardi B


73- Heaven-MarthaGunn


72- Unsainted -Slipknot


71- Death Dips- Kid Kapichi


70- Hideaway- Central Arcade


69- Your Honey- VALERAS


68- Longshot- Catfish And The Bottlemen


67- Toxic- Nadia Sheikh


66- The masquerade- Himalayas


65- Casanova- Sarpa Salpa


64-Imagine- Ariana Grande


63- Sleeper-Calva Louise


62- Drive On- Anteros


61- Hold Me Down- Glass Giants


60- Money Back- Zuzu


59-Half Full – Heavy lungs

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 10.35.59

58-Are you happy- FOXE


57- Clean- Static Dress


56- Milk Teeth- Prima Queen


55- Swim for your life-The pale white


54-Truth Hurts- Lizzo


53- Father of all…- Green Day


52- Peoples faces- Kate Tempest


51- I don’t ever wanna love- Black Honey


50- Architect-Glass peaks

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 10.45.08.png

49- Cigarettes- Black Calavera


48- It ain’t right- Fuzzy Sun

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 10.47.49.png

47-Long way to the sun- BlackWaters


46- Primrose -Dream state


45- Vortex- Nova Twins


44- Under the graveyard- Ozzy Osbourne


43- Paranoid- FARR


42- False Heads- Fall Around

Screenshot 2019-11-28 at 10.52.37.png

41- Xanny- Billie Eilish


40- By The Hand- The Balcony


39- Violet- Pompadour


38- Bmbmbm- Black Midi


37- What you want // What You need- Dom Champ


36- You seemed so happy- The Japanese house


35- Shag Tally Tastic- Lady Bird


34-Align- Tourists


33- Will We Talk- Sam Fender


32- I forgot that you existed- Taylor Swift


31- Getting over you- Rory Wynne


30- God’s gonna cut you down- Marilyn Manson


29- Manta- Bring me the horizon


28-People- The 1975


27- Circles- KOYO


26- Steady- Mark Diamond


25- Sweatshop- Yur Mum


24- Morbid stuff- Pup


23-One more day won’t hurt- Slaves


22- Love- Ladybird

Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 12.43.50.png

21- Slave- Gnarlah


20- Talk Nice- No Rome

Imaccuatly self-produced ‘Talk Nice’ from 22-year-old Filipino artist ‘No Rome’ opening up the top 20. Drenched in dreamy irresistible pop melodies sporting a polished contemporary production ‘Talk nice’ is a silky number that’ll have you hitting that repeat button.


19- Go out with you- BLOXX

While an extremely danceable track  ‘Go Out With You’ also sports really rich warm textures with its funk-laden bassline that alongside the catchy lyrics brings that replayability we’ve all come to love and expect from BLOXX tracks.


18- Ghostin- Ariana Grande

From my first listen I knew ‘Ghostin’ would be getting a mention on this list, the most personal track in Ariana Grande’s discography reveals the utter heartbreak she felt following the accidental death of Ex-boyfriend, rapper Mac Miller. A stunningly delicate track that shows a typically unseen vulnerability.


17- Black Tree- King Nun

King nun are a band I’ve been following for the longest time so obviously, I was extremely excited when they announced their debut album ‘Mass’ of which ‘Black Tree’ was the lead single. A metaphor for depression this track is a gritty melancholic cut with a perfectly balanced blend of both chaos and control. A big number from a massive album!


16- Take What You Want- Post Malone ft Ozzy Osbourne & Travis Scott

Unexpected collaboration, it’s not been the best year for ozzy with him having to postpone his tour multiple times as a result of health issues so it was nice to get this so he’s not been totally absent for the year.Travis also sits on the track, I didn’t feel like he particularly added too much to the track, I would have enjoyed a little more ozzy as while this was a big release it could have been monumental had ozzy’s presence been a little stronger here. The guitar solo hits out of nowhere, it’s so refreshing to hear organic instrumentation on a rap track. Posts vocals sat very warm and laidback which is something I’ve really grown to love from him, he’s definitely a breath of fresh air in the current rap scene and I have a lot of respect for him bringing an Icon of previous decades onto a track even if it did get some people thinking ozzy was some up and coming artist. 525a982d2e67ee7992e25b67be71add7.1000x1000x1

15- Cemetery- Bang Bang Romeo

The biggest scream along-track of the year comes courtesy of Doncaster trio Bang Bang Romeo. ‘Cemetary’ is a fun-filled theatrical tinged number that acts as the first full-length track on their debut album ‘A heartbreakers guide to the galaxy’ welcoming you into a whimsical world of back to back bangers.


14- All In- Luna Bay ft Vera Keebe

Indie-rock quartet Luna Bay teaming up with Swedish singer-songwriter Vera Keebe on my number 14 pick ‘All in’ Oozing hazy warmth with is sparkling blend of Indie rock and synthy sensibilities this is the ultimate windows down sing-along inducing track.


13- Hot Mess- Girli

Taking unsolicited criticism, flipping it on its head and wholeheartedly owning is exactly what we hear GIRLI doing here on ‘Hot Mess’ and it’s my ultimate empowerment anthem. It’s a catchy attitude soaked anthem, what’s not to love?


12- Pure blue- Violet

Taken from Midlands indie quintet Violets debut EP ‘Pure Blue’ spots intricate drums and powerful basslines intertwined with essences of 90’s grunge essences to create a unique ethereal yet captivating sound.

violet bb

11- Working Bitch- Ashnikko

‘I’m working bitch ain’t got no time for dick’ surely has to be the best opening line of 2019. Ashnikko is an artist I discovered this year after seeing her play Neverworld festival, and while her whole ‘Hi it’s me’ EP is amazing ‘Working Bitch’ has to be my top pick! Sporting a minimalist electronic soundscape cushioning Ashton’s effortless fusion of rap and singing.


10-False God- Taylor Swift

Sax sax sax, this very The 1975- esque track from the queen of pop Taylor Swift is one you just can’t help but vibe with. A mellow, chill late-night number that makes use of religious imagery to express Taylors new found love and sense of security in her new relationship. Serving as a pace changer on the album this is a beautiful number that I just keep coming back to


9- Break The Silence- Sophie and the giants

A slow-burning yet eventual anthemic kick here from Sheffield four-piece Sophie and the giants, a band I’ve been following for a while now. ‘Break the silence’ delivers the ultimate message that your voice is a powerful tool that has the ability to invoke change.


8- Your Girlfriend- Blossoms

I believe I’ve featured Blossoms on my last 3 top tracklists so it’s kind of a tradition now, Your Girlfriend’ is my track of choice this year. Lyrically it’s very upfront, no lines to read between all about fancying a mates girlfriend, it’s got a cheeky edge to it that makes for that replayability. A real summer anthem for those lazy days. Also if anyone’s got this on vinyl and are willing to sell it to me let me know, I got too them late and missed out.


7- Firesmoke- Kate Tempest

The lead single from London poet Kate Tempests 3rd album ‘The Books of traps and lessons’ ‘Firesmoke’ at number 7. I am such a huge fan of Kate, if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen my tattoo inspired by her so I was extremely excited for new material. This track explores the simplicity of love over a beautifully minimalistic yet hugely atmospheric and warm soundscape, she has this ability to transport and fully immerse you into her thoughts which makes for an extremely personal piece that works perfectly in both the context of the album and a standalone cut.


6-Damage Done- Sea Girls

My song of the summer here courtesy of the wonderful Sea Girls. ‘Damage Done’ is the ultimate feel-good track of the year it’s one of those that however many times I listen to it I still get that warm fuzzy feeling that which is a rarity especially since I listen to SO much music. The repetition of the line ‘I don’t really wanna dance’ is so chantable!


5-Half Pure- The Ninth Wave

Released right at the start for 2019 ‘Half Pure’ lured me in and held me captive with its sonic richness and vocal thickness. Haunting synths make for a weighty irresistibly moody vibe. The line ‘You’re only half pure’ is ingrained in your mind long after hitting pause and that impact is what’s had me coming back month after month.


4-Don’t wait til tomorrow – YONAKA

YONAKA, a band I’ve been following closely since 2016,2019 saw the release of their debut album ‘Don’t wait till tomorrow’ the track of the same name has landed my number 4 spot. Standing out for its timeless lyrical poignancy about mental health frontwomen Theresa sings ‘It could never be too late to call me up and come my way, I would love to see your face, don’t wait till tomorrow’. It’s clear cut, straight to the point yet touches on a topic which in my opinion isn’t covered nearly as much as it should be in the rock genre, it’s refreshing.


3-Playing with a gun- VALERAS

‘Playing With A gun’ is a gritty slow-burning angst drenched number from Reading-based outfit VALERAS. Aside from being a phenomenal track, this was the soundtrack to one of my most cherished highlights of the year. VALERAS were the headline act at mine and Mollies charity gig back in August, this was the last track of their set, everyone was living their best life, it was glorious. ‘Playing with a gun’ is massive and is the track that truly solidifies these guys as one to watch in 2020

Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 13.15.25.png

2- Man Down- Childcare

The topic of male mental health and toxic masculinity is tackled lightheartedly here on my number 2 pick ‘Man Down’. This is the second year running that Childcare have landed as runner up on my top tracks rundown, admittedly I believe I made a mistake with last years winner but that’s beside the point. These guys have without a doubt been my breakthrough band of the year, their debut album ‘Wabi Sabi’exceeded all my expectations, ‘Man down’ is my favourite track on there starring beats from a metronomic drum machine working perfectly in forming an extremely warm tone infused with dynamic enhancing female vocals courtesy of bassist Emma.


1- Born Cold- Creeper

If you follow me on Instagram you definitely saw this one coming, Creeper have snatched the number one spot with a track released just last month! ‘Born Cold’ is the bands first track following their onstage breakup and it’s subsequent year-long hiatus. Their comeback show saw them return under the pseudonym ‘Fugitives of heaven’ I was fortunate enough to be there when they debuted this track at the intimate 229 show and I knew it was going to be a firm favourite of mine. Welcoming a new era for the Southhampton punks ‘Born Cold’ carries through the bands monumentally theatrical sound we’ve come to love, particularly from their debut album ‘Eternity in your arms’.  While sticking to the band’s roots there is an air of freshness and rejuvenation here, I really enjoy the keys chiming in every now and then. It’s extremely catchy and charisma driven, Wills delivery is as always captivatingly charming and the tracks anthemic climax is one that you can’t help wholeheartedly vibing with. They are yet to release any information about the album other than the fact it’ll be landing in 2020. ‘Born Cold is undoubtedly the perfect choice for both a lead single and my number one track of 2019.

Screenshot 2019-12-01 at 13.19.19.png

Enjoy the playlist

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