2020 is fast approaching, so of course I want to share with you my break through predictions for the next 12 months! Instead of me introducing them to you, I’m going to let them tell you what they’re all about! In no particular order enjoy x


Who are you?– We are False Heads, me (Luke) on guitar and vocals, Jake on Bass and Barney the big purple dinosaur on drums and vocals.

Describe your sound– We’re crack rock with a slice of pop

What are you up to in 2020?- Our debut album release and lots of touring


Who are you?-We are Jake and Charlie of Chappaqua Wrestling

Describe your sound– Our sound is 2 best mates that love writing songs that probably only our parents like

What are you up to in 2020?- Lots, starting off with a show in California then coming back to drizzly UK to grind it out even further


Who are you?-  I’m Alfie Indra. Some people know me for my music, some people know me for being friends with Youtubers, most people don’t know me. 

Describe your sound– I think it falls into the category of indie-pop but there is a melancholy vibe running through it. Kind of of like The Smiths meets The 1975. Some of the new stuff I’ve been working on has disco/funk influences. 

What are you up ton in 2020?- I have big plans for 2020. Lots of releases, lots of shows. I’m switching up the vibe of my songs quite a bit and am attempting to be more ambitious musically. I’m also planning to do more stuff online on YouTube and on podcasts ect. I’m also writing a sitcom if that’s relevant haha.


Who are you?– We are Kid Kapichi, A 4 piece post-punk band from Hastings

Describe your sound– Angry haunted house

What are you up to in 2020?- Lots of touring I both the UK and beyond and our debut album


Who are you?– We are a five piece alt-pop band from Northampton consisting of Marcus, Meg, George, Ethan and Charlie. Until recently we were a four piece but in september Meg joined us on keys and we feel like she added a whole new simensional to our sound live and on the new tracks we’ve been writing.

Describe your sound– Our music draws influence from an abundance of places but we strive to create upbeat, danceable tracks taking influence from the likes of Foals, Tame Impala and Friendly Fires!

What are you up to in 2020?- 2020 is looking to be a very busy year starting with the release of out debut EP ‘Say something’ due on January 3rd! In support of the release we’re going to be heading out on a 10 date UK tour.


Who are you – Hey we’re Nova Twins, a duo from South East London/Essex. Amy’s on vocals/guitar and Georgia plays Bass! We’re joined by a drummer for our live shows & in the studio! 👽👽

Describe your sound –Heavy music that you can mosh out to but also shake ya booty to. People often say if Missy Elliot, Rage Against the Machine and Prodigy gave birth to twins, that’s what our music sounds like🔥

What can we expect from you in 2020– Our debut album!! ‘Who Are The Girls?’ Will be dropping Feb 28th. Then we’re touring the album in Europe/UK starting in March! 🥳🥳


Who are you?– We’re Violet from Birmingham, Luke on guitar and vocals, Arran on bass, Patch on drums, Ted on keys and guitar and Harry on guitar

Describe your sound– a mixture of 90’s shoegaze and britpop sounds with the mood of The Cure

What are you up to in 2020?-Another EP will be on its way and hopefully we’ll be playing somewhere near you 🤠


Who are you?– We’re Max, Dave, Ollie and James. Or  ‘BlackWaters! 

Describe your sound-we’re a rock band, we’re loud but then we also have quiet acoustic songs too, it varies, think I’d go insane if it was all one or the other

What are you up to in 2020?- In early 2020 we have our UK tour, just expect plenty of new music and a couple of special secret location shows, that’s what I’m always trying to make possible, a gig that you can’t forget. An example,  our Yard Party’s, unforgettable times with our closest followers in our own gaff. We’re always trying to bring people together and channel different emotions with our Jarred Up Arts Lab, so plenty of opportunities to really get involved and spill ur heart out with our open mics, poetry sessions, painting sessions, and much more.


Who are you?– Forming in the new year of 2019, we quickly realised our strengths and began writing melodic, guitar-driven tracks with soaring vocals and lyrics that tell a powerful story.

Describe your sound-Our sound is most likened to the likes of U2, The Killers, You Me at Six all rolled into one. Pop rocker bangers with a stadium feel.

What are you up to in 2020?- For 2020 we have already been confirmed to headline Middlesbrough’s BBC Sounds Independent Venue Week Show as well as a host of gigs for the likes of Scruff of the Neck and This Feeling throughout the year. We look capitalise on our first successful year as a band and follow up on our debut EP with more absolute bangers and fan favourites we are yet to record as well as a host of spring/summer festivals. We should have some massive news to announce in the Spring of 2020 but we have to keep tight lipped for now.


Who are you- We are The Menstrual Cramps, queer, DIY punk band based in Bristol 

Describe your sound-Our sound is basically us being angry about the world and trying to learn how to play our instruments all at the same time 

What are you up to In 2020-We will be releasing our 3rd album, totally independently again of course, recorded at home in our trusty little bedroom. And basically just carrying on playing lots of gigs and festivals, never getting played on the BBC, always being tired and overworked, trying to unpack the impact of BoJo being in Number 10, that the world is burning and that we are on the brink of WW3… And trying to fuck all that shit up.


Who are you?– Rory Wynne

Describe your sound– Big, Catchy, Hot

What are you up to in 2019?- More singles, more shows


Who are you?-We’re a fresh heavy alternative rock trio hailing from Brighton UK. Combining the use of raging, dirty riffs, pounding drums and anthemic choruses,we create a new type of energy that is exciting and raw

Describe your sound-Alternative Rock whilst taking inspiration from a lot of metal and grunge, with influence from bands such as System Of A Down, Queens Of The Stone Age, and Rage Against The Machine.

What are you up to in 2020?– Plans for 2020 include a lot of new releases, with the first of the year to be announced very soon. Also a few tours which will be happening in the year.


Who are you?– We’re Birthday Card, a five piece from Aylesbury.

Describe your sound– We see our sound as ‘genre-blending’, or art pop. The five of us all have pretty varied tastes in music, so we take inspiration from everything we listen to and use that to make something different, but with a pop  sensibility to it.

What are you up to in 2020?–  New music and more shows is the plan. Our aim for 2020 is to expand on our following and get our music out there to as many people as possible.


Who are you?– I’m Cassyette . An artist from Essex UK. 

Describe your sound– A blend of metal pop and glam rock 

What are you up to in 2020?– Lots of new music and some awesome shows 🤘🏻


Who are you?– WE ARE PUSSYLIQUOR! 5 Mysterious shapes in the dark that play instruments

Describe your sound– If we tell you we’ll have to kill you, but it starts with al and ends with BUM


Who are you?– 5 piece all female indie/alternative rock band fronted by songwriting duo and best friends Louise Macphail (Bristol, UK) and Kristin McFadden (Chicago, USA) based in SE london!

Describe your sound-Vulnerable story telling and light-hearted imagery combined with a gritty style that’s influenced by artists such as Rilo Kiley, Alvvays, Julia Jacklin and boygenius.

What are you up to in 2020?
Our debut ep !!! coming sooOoOoOn


Who are you?– Your Mum is a London based did formed by Anelise Kunz and Fabio Couto.

Describe your sound- Loud, Heavy, Honest

What are you up to in 2020- Loads of gigs and new songs to be released live soon!


Who are you –Abbie ozard who likes to write tunes, sing loads and who likes to pet as many dogs as she can. 

Describe your sound –I like to describe my sound as awkward coming of age pop etched guitar music that kinda wants to make you dance loads as well as sway and cry if you also fancy doing that  

What can we expect from you in 2020- In 2020 I want to release a body of work that reflects all the different phases I’ve been through so far in my life. I really wanna get as creative as I can with videos and tunes so more people can gain a little insight into what goes on my head. I’m also kinda bored of people pretending to be something they’re not in this industry so I just want to be as true to myself as I possibly can on social media and at gigs, that way there’s no stress in pretending and i can just continue to be as true to myself and the music i make as i possibly can !


Who are you?– We’re The Lutras from Dumfries Scotland

Describe your sound– Our Sound, we get ‘Stadium Rock’ a lot so that’s kind of stuck with us

What are you up to in 2020?
2020 will be hectic, We’ve got a tour booked for febuary which will be one of many, we’ve got some tracks to release before summer and then it’s festival season which will be a busy one this year!


Who are you? We are HAWXX, all female metal band named after the bird of prey with the double XX symbolising the female chromosome.

 Describe your sound- Metal!

What are you up to in 2020- A brand new EP, an exciting live video and one big announcement we can’t reveal yet!

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