Happy Sunday guys, hope you’re all good. Before I start with today’s post I just want to say thank you for all of your kind messages following the whole Reading and Leeds tweet blowing up, I’m also really excited to have reached 10k followers on Instagram which is absolutely mental. If you don’t already follow me you can my username is @Lucy_mccourt_blog I post pretty regularly over there. I’ve actually just got another really cool music-related tattoo so if you want to see what that is, be sure to have a look and let me know what you think!

Nevertheless, let’s get into the main bulk of the post. Today I’m sharing with you a product that I’ve seen advertised all over the telly for the longest time, when I was contacted by the company to see if I’d be interested in reviewing it I was thrilled.

If you haven’t guessed by the title of the box I am talking about the ROXI music entertainment console, a small box ready to transform the way you listen to music in your home and creating a more sociable experience. I’m going to split this review up into a few sections, the box itself and it’s installation, features, price and then my final thoughts so make sure you read all the way through to find out what I thought of it!

The console / setup

Inside the box, you’ll receive the ROXI console, the remote, power chord, HDMI cable and the remote charging wire as well as the easy setup guide. When I had seen the ROXI being advertised there was a huge emphasis on how quick and easy it was to set up so I was intrigued to see for myself how true that was. I had it all plugged in and connected within a matter of minutes. I connected it to the internet wirelessly but it’s also got an option to use it via an ethernet connection if you think that’ll work better for you.

The box itself comes in 3 different colours, red, black and blue, I went with the blue because I love how vibrant it looked, it’s design is sleek and actually smaller than I anticipated it to be. The remote doubles as a microphone for karaoke (I’ll come onto that a little later) it’s only got 4 buttons making it easy for anyone to navigate however experienced with tech they are.


As I mentioned earlier ROXI is the ultimate music entertainment hub, starting off with it’s massive 35 million strong library of songs ready for you to stream just by using the microphone to search. I spent a couple of hours playing around with the ROXI yesterday and there wasn’t one song or artist that I couldn’t find, which did impress me, they update their library weekly so there’s always loads of new stuff being added. If you just want to browse for tracks you can do, whether that’s by era, genres, moods or through their ‘Tastemakers’ section where celebrities such as Robbie Williams, Alesha Dixon and Cheryl Crow have created playlists. A really great way to discover some music if you’re looking for a little inspiration. You can build up your own library of tracks that create playlists which saves you having to search every time you want to listen to a certain album or track

Bringing me onto the next feature you can also bookmark your favourite radio stations of which they have a massive 10,000 to choose from, I think a console like this incorporating radio is fantastic because in recent times radio has been branded a dying format, having it alongside streaming as an option is incredible.

There’s so much more than just streaming that the ROXI has to offer, the ‘Name That Song’ game has to be my favourite feature. You can compete with your friends and family for your place on the leaderboard, they have 16 categories to pick from for every genre and era dating back to the ’60s. Guess which song is playing from the 4 options to see your score rise, the quicker you get it right the more points added. Not to brag but I’m both extremely good and competitive when it comes to this.

Karaoke is a brand new feature with thousands of tracks ready for you to have a lil singalong to their time’s on-screen lyrics makes it easy to follow, their ‘Sing With The stars’ feature allows you to duet with the original artist. I’ve had so much fun playing around with this even if it did make me finally realise that I resemble a that of a dying cat. ROXI’s ethos is to bring people together and the ‘Guess the song’ game and Karaoke do that well and are what steps the console up from just a streaming device.

Something else I really love about the ROXI is it’s Sound Machine. Giving you all the audio you need to relax, practise yoga, meditate and even sleep. I’m often on youtube searching for meditation music but hate how they’re all so riddled with adverts, you know you’re not going to be interrupted which allows you to fully relax. Sometimes I just find I’m not in the mood for music but don’t want to sit in silence so the nature sounds are a favourite of mine. Alongside this you can also select visuals to run alongside the sounds, all curated and if you want you can also connect your Facebook to view your pictures.


The ROXI is £99.95 this includes a 1-year premium music pass. You can also grab an additional microphone for £19.95 if you wish. After that one year pass expires to renew it costs £52, paying £1 a week for access to all of their features is a really good deal especially compared to other streaming services, Spotify costs £120 for a single user and £180 for the family subscription so you are getting value for money. I guess the only difference is that you can only stream it from the ROXI box in your home but if you’re mainly just an at-home music consumer this is an even better deal.

My final thoughts

I really like ROXI for its simplicity and I think that achieves their goal of opening streaming up to a much wider audience, it’s extremely easy to use, the carousel interface is sleek and clean. There isn’t any other product like it, it’s extremely unique in how it’s a hub of music entertainment, there’s no flicking between apps, everything you need is right there. I think it’d be cool for them to introduce some more music games, maybe trivia or ‘complete the lyric’ stuff like that I feel would be a fun addition but overall I do recommend the ROXI to anyone whether you’re a casual music listener or a fanatic like myself. They have a 30-day money-back guarantee so you’ve got nothing to lose by giving it a try.

You can pick up your ROXI from buyroxi.com for either one payment of £99.95 or 5 instalments of £19.99


*Gifted product- I was sent this product in exchange for review.

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