Today is International women’s day, a day that I’ve realised over the past couple of months is so important and essential still today in 2020. The misogyny and sexism I’ve seen exhibited recently has shown just how far we’ve still got to go and especially within business and creative industries there is still ludicrous inequality in both representation and respect.

Female photographers are still getting confused with band members girlfriends by venue staff while trying to enter the pit to do their jobs.

Female artists are still being forced to dress and act a certain way to sell an image rather than a personality and talent.

Female fans are still being exploited sexually by sleazy band members using the unfair power dynamic and nature of their relationship.

In every sector of this industry there’s still so much more that can and needs to be done before we achieve the equality we deserve.

I wanted to share with you 10 women in this industry who inspire and empower me. So here we go:

Catherine Marks- Catherine is a record producer, mixing engineer and audio engineer. She has worked on with some of my favourite artists including Wolf Alice, The Big Moon, The Wombats and too many others to even begin to list. She produced and mixed Manchester Orchestras record ‘A Black Mile To The Surface’ which features my favourite track of all time ‘The Maze’. She’s quietly behind some of the worlds greatest music and someone I’ve looked up to for many years.

Image result for Catherine Marks

Mollie Yates– Mollie is a close friend of mine who I met through the industry about 3 years ago. Her ability to put together such killer lineups amazes me, undoubtedly one of the scenes most special up and coming promotors! Big things to come from her, so so much love!

Image may contain: Mollie Yates

Abbie McCarthy- Abbie is someone I’ve been following for as long as I can remember, a radio & TV presenter as well as the host of her very own and well-esteemed Good Karma Club. Her career flourished from a pure passion for sharing and shouting from the rooftops about the music she loved and the artists she believed in, which is exactly how I started out. One of my biggest role models and inspirations. 

Vick Bain– I’ve only become aware of Vick over the past couple of weeks following the whole Reading & Leeds Twitter fiasco. She is a campaigner for women in music as well as a researcher in gender diversity within the industry. She is the queen of statistics and is making it impossible for festivals not to book women with her database of every female artist signed to a label or self-releasing music in the UK.

Image result for Vick Bain

Yasmine Summan– Yasmine is a freelance journalist specialising in Music + Queer & Race relations. Her YouTube channel is one of my favourites, totally binge-watch worthy and brings out my inner emo. She’s had my back over the last couple of weeks and is genuinely one of the industry’s gems. 

Image may contain: 1 person

Molly-Mae Taylor– Molly is a freelance film and graphic designer, I genuinely cannot express how in love I am with her art. I was so lucky that she designed all of the promotional material for the charity gig back in August. Such a secure and unique look and vibe, she’s killing it. Hire her ASAP for all your design needs.

Image may contain: Molly-Mae Taylor, standing and outdoor

Anastasia Walker- Lead legend for the wonderful Bang Bang Romeo, Stars self-confidence, body positivity and overall loveliness brightens up my social media feeds. I think back to 2017 when I first saw her perform live, I remember just thinking ‘Wow’ as only being 16 I had never seen a woman absolutely it killing on stage like that. It was instant empowerment that I’d never felt which pushed me to strive and think ‘I can do this’ that’s why she’ll always be one of my most notable role models. 

Image may contain: 1 person

Ella Gregg– The founder of 321 artists, an artist management and development company. Ella has been a really close contact of mine since I started out in the industry and has always been willing to help with anything I need. A true icon

Image may contain: 2 people, outdoor

Sahera Walker– Sahera is a staple in the indie scene running her own blog ‘Indie Underground’ as well as her print project ‘Some might say’ and being the head of events at Shoreditch’s ‘Werkhaus’ booking some of the best up and coming bands. Well and truly smashing the game!

Image may contain: Sahera Walker, phone and indoor

Naomi Saunders- Writer for the likes of Kerrang, Distorted and Turn it up louder. Naomi is a massive advocate for the representation of women within rock and heavier genres. She created a spreadsheet collecting all the names of women playing festivals which serves as a stark reminder that there are certain genres where women are barely shown to exist. A true legend. 

Image may contain: Naomi Sanders, possible text that says 'SAL GOT HNCEREMNN ROKETAN'

As you may have seen a tweet of my recently went viral that visualised the lack of female representation on festival lineups. 

While I received a lot of love and rightfully shocked reactions there was a surprising amount of negativity and pure misogyny exhibited. 

The main comment being ‘Maybe if women made better music’ & ‘There are no women out there worthy of the slots’.

So I decided to do a little something seeing as International womens day was coming up.There’s over 700 amazing female artists on this poster, all of which are worthy of the festival slots. Pick up a limited Lucy McCourt X IWD 2020 poster

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