Hey guys, hope you’re safe and well. It’s been a while since I’ve sat down and written a blog post, I think the last one was 10 ways to support indie bands & artists during the Coronavirus outbreak which I did actually end up adapting for my Instagram alonside a couple other tips. If you missed that be sure to follow me over there, It’s just @lucy_mccourt_blog I’ve just hit 11.6k followers over there which is so exciting.

Today I wanted to just speak about a topic that I have been really vocal about on my socials and that is the impact Coronavirus is having on grassroots music venues and community. I’m sure that if you follow live music you’ll probably aware that even before the pandemic many small venues have struggled to keep their doors open due to a number of reasons including lack of funding, noise complaints and increasing rent. Insure4Music has found that 20% of small music venues in the UK have closed in the last 15 years and that in the past 2 years on average one small music venue is closing every month. 

For these venues who are already at breaking point having to shut for optimistically about 4 months is extremely worrying and scary. Venues are the lifeblood of the industy and their closure would be a disaster for anyone working in.

Recent years has seen streaming become the main form of music consumption which has bands & artists often heavily relient of playing shows, touring and merchanside to keep doing what they’re doing. Without those venues where are they going to play, where are A&R going to discover new artists, what’s going to happen to the photographers, reviewers, touring crews, security, venue owners, bar staff. The live sector is packed full of so much passion and it’s a shame that’s not reflected in arts funding and councils ruilings.

The Music Venue Trust has reported that there are 556 grassroots music venues In the UK that are at IMMINENT risk of being closed permanently as a result of COVID19. It would be the biggest disaster the scene would have ever experienced if we were to lose them. MVT have latched their #SaveOurVenues campaign to raise funds to support those venues at most critical risk, as of writing this post they’ve raised just over £1 million which alongisde venues own indipendent crowdfunding efforts is a lot of money. Obviously this is a topic extremly close to my heart so I’ve decided to get in on the fundrasing with my very own #SaveOurVenues posters! I released some back in March for International womens day, they did really well so I thought why not do it again.

They’re £8 with free UK postage, if you want one internationally please message me. All profits will be donated to the campaign. As I’m sure you can understand there may be a slight delay in getting them out to you, I’ve got to them them printed, packaged and then to the Post Office which I only want to do when it’s safe so you may have to wait a while to get yours.


You can also donate directly to the Crowdfunding page here: http://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/save-our-venues-national-campaign

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