Hey guys, I’m sure you’re all aware with what’s going on in the world right now so I don’t really want to explain it but I do want to highlight some of the amazing black up and coming musicians on the scene right now. The music industry and it’s culture would not be what it is now without the black artists that helped form it so it’s really important that we celebrate not only their impact and influence as a whole but celebrate the individuls who are still in 2020 discrimated against because of the colour of their skin. As Clara Amfo said ‘Feels like you want my taltent and culture but you don’t want me’ and from speaking to loads of black artists this week I’ve come to realise that’s the general consensus amoungst the community.

Daisy Godfrey

My Favourite track: Remedy

Daisy Godfrey is a natural and compelling singer from Nottingham, UK. Classic soul is a clear influence – her tender vocals have been compared to Sade and Corinne Bailey-Rae.

Caleb Steph

My Favourite track: Trapped

Caleb Steph is an artist from Newport News, VA. Born and raised. Caleb Steph is a work in progress. Working for the world. Working to become something that will last forever.


My Favourite Track: Fall Away

Heading into the spotlight back when she was 16, Mysie (my-zee) began her journey as Lizbet Sempa, a singer-songwriter and pianist creating music that was powerful and rich, but as the creations were formed the personal pieces didn’t seem to fit together

Myles Smith

My Favourite Track: Brighter Days

As well as being an incredibly unique vocalist with authentically rich and natural tones, Myles Smith is an artist constantly looking to improve his craft. Myles Smith as well as being a Singer/Songwriter is a Self-taught Guitarist and Pianist.

Nova Twins

My Favourite Track: Bassline Bitch

The weight and crushing defiance behind Georgia South’s bass alongside the sheer force in Amy Love’s vocals and guitar work, both channeling their bass and guitar through a mystifying combination of effects pedals, are what drives the Nova Twins sound. Refusing to conform to any template, the duo fuse bass-heavy, grimey punk.

Martha Da’ro

My Favourite Track: Let Me

Martha Da’ro is a genre-bending artist as she is both a singer and actress. After been graced with her first project Soul’Art, the multi-talented Brussels-based artist takes matters into her own hands as Martha Da’ro – blending dreamy pop with hip hop, English with French and definitely with a fragile but boundless emotion. 


My Favourite Track: Don’t waste my time

Londoner Zilo is many things: a poet, a painter, and a musician. But more than anything, she is someone who knows that for her, everything – in art, music, and life – is limitless.  


My Favourite Track: Yeti

Reared on a combination of Jazz, Folk, Reggae and the 2002 Ibiza soundtrack, 20 year-old Producer/ Songwriter feeo developed a taste for storytelling, big beats and stacked vocal harmonies early on. After moving from her childhood home in North West London, feeo started writing to channel her experience of social isolation and confusion, exploring her voice through fairytale narratives and wonky beats made on Garageband.


My Favourite Track: Shoreside

KeepVibesNear is a contemporary R&B/soul singer from East Ldn who merges his love for the art of the serenade, as well as genre bending hip hop to create his sound. With romance and relationships at the heart of his lyrical content, this crooner uses passion, depth & imagery to explore the ups and downs of life in love

Jaydon Clover

My Favourite Track: Goodthing

Jaydonclover is a highly-talented singer/songwriter, hailing from Birmingham, UK. Jaydon’s sound sets itself apart with her stunningly smooth and unique vocal performance and her brutally honest and vulnerable songwriting perspective.

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