Hey guys, I’m back today with yet another post about my favourite topic in the whole universe, records.

uOpen were very kind in reaching out to me and ask if I’d be interested in reviewing the Wax & Stamp vinyl subscription box and of course, I said yes, I’ve reviewed a couple of other subscription boxes on here before and you guys said they were really helpful + free records, why would I ever say no? 

Before I jump into the review let the tell you a bit about uOpen a UK based subscription box marketplace for discovering and subscribing to a huge range of boxes all from one place. They literally have something for everyone whether you’re looking for a gift or just to treat yourself. I think we can all agree there’s nothing more exciting than getting a delivery and subscription boxes are perfect as they’re the gift that keeps on giving every month. You can search either working with your budget, they have boxes ranging from £4 a month right up to £75 with loads of categories from food and drink to kids boxes, beauty, video games, ethical living, health and fitness just to name a few. You’re absolutely spoilt for choice so definitely have a look on there: https://www.uopen.com/Lucy

Today, however, I am going to be focusing on the wonderful Wax & Stamp box. A box that grew out of founders Luke & Josh’s love for record stores and musical discovery Wax & Stamp each month subscribers will receive two records and you don’t know what they are until they land in your doorstep, one will be chosen by them and the other a guest selector. The box is £30 a month which is slightly more expensive than others I’ve spoken about before but you’re paying for the quality of the curation and the homegrown roots of the company. How much do you spend on a brand new LP? Usually about £20-£25 and then a single nowadays around £7-£10 so there definitely is value for money and UK shipping is also free, what’s not to love?

Every record collector loves a bit of crate digging in the hope of finding a hidden gem but it can be time-consuming and going in blind and picking out random records can be both a waste of money and time consuming because let’s be honest there’s a lot of rubbish music out there. While there is still that element of the unknown with Wax & Stamp you do have the security that every record you receive and its music is of high quality. They’re not just sending out random records they managed to get their hands on cheap, unlike some other company I reviewed that will remain nameless but I’m sure you know what one I’m talking about. Wax & Stamp send a letter with each box written by the curator of the month with the reasoning behind their picks which gives you a personal insight into the process of their curation unline random crate-digging you don’t have to scour the internet to find out about it, a good overview about the record is there for you.

I received issue 62 which was the May box, curated by new team member Mike. Included was the Africa Seven label’s latest funk compilation ‘Africa Airwards Six’. This pick as inspired by his Dads music taste ahead of fathers day. He shared how some of his earliest memories were of being in the car with his dad blasting out funk from the likes of Fela Juti and Osibisa so he was super excited to find out about this new compilation. This isn’t something I typically would have gravitated to in a shop but I absolutely love it, nothing beats the energy and I’ve recently been researching to learn a little more about black people and their musical impact through history so this came at a perfect time.

Secondly was the Libations & Movement EP from Footshooter a London based DJ & producer, I don’t think I mentioned but sometimes instead of a single, they’ll include an EP which is really cool. Mike says that his favourite track from the EP is ‘LAY’ featuring the extraordinarily talented poet Natty Wylah and I’d have to agree. I was so excited to receive some fresh up and coming talent showcased in this box, they included the wonderful Rag N Bone man in one of their earlier boxes so they’ve definitely got an ear for the next big thing.

I definitely recommend this to anyone looking to broaden their musical horizons and like a surprise. Compared to other boxes I’ve reviewed this doesn’t have any gimmicks which I really liked, it’s somewhat stripped back, I think the way to describe it best is the record subscription box for adults. I think maybe the one point it falls short on is unlike some other vinyl subsciprtion boxes I don’t think there’s any exclusivity with records included but it’s only a minor point. Other than that I simply can’t fault it. Would make a great gift for the music lover in your life, you can subscribe on a 3,6 or 12 months basis depending on what works for you and you can pay either monthly or all in one go so there’s some flexibility.

To subscribe to Wax & Stamp click here: www.uopen.com/waxandstamp/lucy

Another massive thank you to uOpen for reaching out, as I mentioned earlier they have hundreds of subscription boxes on their site so I 100% suggest having a look over on there and maybe treating yourself or someone you love because they’re a real treat: www.uopen.com/lucy

*affiliate codes used.

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