Hey guys, so the other day I asked my Instagram followers what type of posts they want to see on here because I’m shit when it comes to coming up with ideas, I find when I write posts I think you’ll love they flop & the posts I put zero effort into are some of my most popular. I was so surprised that people wanted to genuinely hear my thoughts on music, which obviously does sound weird because I brand myself as ‘Music blogger’ but I feel like I’ve become detached from review style content and have steered off into kind of activism and commentary which I really enjoy but at the core, I want to share with you cool music.

I’ve been doing quite a few interviews recently, one of which being for the Times radio station, when the producer phoned about it she asked what I wanted to be introduced as I honestly felt like a fraud saying ‘Blogger’ but then ‘Influencer’ felt extremely pretentious, since I want to stay on the blogger side of things and keep that title I reckon I should probably blog a bit more.

Today I just thought that I’d share what I’ve been listening to lately, let’s jump into it.

First up I’m going to share with you my latest ‘Fresh Finds’ Spotify playlist, I’ve surprisingly been very good at updating this every week. It does what it says on the tin, 20 of my favourite tracks from up and coming artists that you need to wrap your ears around right now because I’m telling you before you know it these guys are going to be headlining Glasto, well that might be slightly optimistic but I’m very much enjoying all of these rising stars and I reckon you will to.

If you’re a band or artist interested in being considered for the playlist or just want me to check out your stuff have a read of my Send-me-your-music page!

I want to share my thoughts on this year’s Mercury Prize shortlist, every year it helps me discover some amazing talent I might not have done otherwise. I’ve fallen in love with so many artists following them getting nominated including Kae Tempest, Slowthai, Sampha and most recently Black Midi, who’s debut album SCHLAGENHEIM came in at number 8 on my top albums of 2019 list. However this year I’d actually listened to and for the most part, enjoyed a large chunk of the albums.

It’s a hard one to call I think, I’ve been listening to the Georgia album a lot, a really diverse record, I’ve had Stomzys ‘Heavy Is The Head’ on repeat since it came out, I’ve got a lot of loyalty to Sports Team, ‘Song for our daughter’ I simply stunning. I could honestly go on and on, it’s a real mixture, I love the pop presence on the list, it’s also great to see so many women in the running. Much like 2020, anything could happen so I’m remaining open-minded.

It’s such a shame that the ceremony will be virtual this year because it’s such a prestigious award to be up for and the night is so exciting for the artists, particularly the smaller ones so to have that pulled away is shit but it has to be done I guess, a socially distanced award show doesn’t sound particularly great if I’m honest.

Who doesn’t love a surprise album, Taylor Swift much like many artists has been spending her time in lockdown doing what she does best, making music and decided to drop her 8th studio album out of nowhere with less than 24 hours notice. I’m not afraid to say that I love Taylor Swift, I don’t believe in guilty pleasures, just good music. The best way to describe is as a country rooted warmth fest of a record, it’s not full of big shiny pop numbers like we had with ‘Lover’ it’s such a smooth slow-moving record that’s the ultimate accompaniment for a lazy Sunday it simply transports you to a log cabin deep in the woods with a warm cup of tea listening to rain hit the window. How very poetic of me but that is just the vibe this record exudes and I’m not mad about it! I’ve been playing it a lot, my favourite track literally changes with each listens but as of right now I think I’d have to say ‘the 1’ and ‘mad woman’. Cannit wait to get my hands on a vinyl copy of it!

The Sea Girls record is FINALLY here! I’ve waited so long for this, they dropped their debut album ‘Open Up Your Head’ on Friday. I first heard of them a few years back when I got sent over a press release for one of their tracks, I fell in love instantly, It’s always so special to be able to watch a band grow to the level they have. Their tunes are so fun, ‘Damage Done’ is up there in my top 5 tracks of all time and this record certainly doesn’t disappoint, one tiny issue I have though was that 50% of the album had previously been released but with tracks as strong and anthemic why would you not want to include them in the first full-length collection of songs. A very solid record and one that I’m super excited to continue exploring.

Ashnikko recently dropped the banger that is ‘Daisy’, she is truly my spirit animal, I want to be her and this song, much like all her others gives of bad bitch vibes and gives you that instant kick of confidence. A few months back she also put out ‘Cry’ featuring Grimes, the guitars on that are truly something else, it’s her grittiest track to date and heavy metal session version featuring Employed to serve is so fucking sickkkk. A must watch:

So there’s some of the music I’ve been vibing with over the past few weeks! I mentioned at the start of the post that this was inspired by my wonderful Instagram followers, If you want to join our little gang be sure to click follow, we have a great time over there and discuss really interesting topics like vegan milk… I’m not doing a great job at persuading you, am I?

If you do like what I’m doing either on there or here on the blog please consider supporting me on Ko-Fi. Here’s the link: https://ko-fi.com/lucymccourt I’ve got to pay for all my vegan milk somehow.

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