‘Don’t forget me when you’re famous’.

Hey guys, this is going to be a short one but I put out a few tweets earlier that I want to kinda expand on and I thought what place better to talk about music blogs than on my music blog so here we are.

I’ve said it so many times before on my socials but I don’t think I’ve spoken about it here. I’m so bored of seeing bands that come through the ‘indie’ circuit abandoning small blogs and tastemakers when they start finding a bit of mainstream success and or signing to major labels.

It’s undeniable that every single band or artist that has come through the indie community have benefited on the support of bloggers to grow and get their name out there. Bloggers opinions are highly valued,their readerships are loyal and if you’ve ever read their content you’ll know the heart and character that goes into it. Content takes time and energy and since for for many blogging is a hobby you should appreciate the time it takes to create it.

Their readership may be smaller but surely if they’ve said nice things about your music a retweet and a thank you is the least you can do so I don’t know if bands don’t do it because of some superiority complex or ego they’ve developed thinking they’re better than the people ‘below them’

So for any bands who are growing and starting to get mentions/reviews from the big boys please still consider contacting the small bloggers who helped you and asking them for a review, it shows you respect their opinion and appreciate the support they’ve showed you when you needed it.

Same goes for dropping people like photographers that you’ve worked with, they might not be the big names that all the bands use but if they’ve shot you before and you’ve used those photos continue to give them photo passes. It’s not that hard to show you respect people.

We always joke and say ‘Remember me when you’re famous’ but for creatives working to support artists we mean it🥺

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