It’s that time of the year again, that time where I share with you all the music I’ve been loving over the past 12 months, it’s been an odd one hasn’t it, however, so many bands and artists managed to pull through and drop sick albums so here are some of my honourable mentions followed by my final 10 faves.

10- Creeper- Sex, death and the infinite void

A predictable one if you’ve been following the blog for a while now. This records lead single ‘Born cold’ landed the top spot on last years ‘Top 100 tracks of 2019’ list and to this day that track is one of my faves of all time. Delayed due to the pandemic this album was a little like marmite with fans, a lot of people disappointed with the change in direction, there were some poppier learning moments somewhat straying away from their punk roots on this but how boring would it be if a band didn’t tweak their sound album to album and I personally feel it sounds very natural for them. I’ll admit it did take me time to properly warm to it but now I absolutely love it, the theatrical vibes are there they are immaculate, I love the spoken word interludes it’s a whole new era for the band and I simply cannot wait to hear these tracks live.

Fave tracks:Born Cold’ ‘All My Friends’ ‘Cyanide’

9- Nova Twins- Who are the girls?

Energy, energy energy. I first heard of Nova Twins when I saw them at Neighbourhood fest last year and honestly I knew right there that they were going to be a favourite of mine and when they announced their debut record ‘Who are the girls’ I was so ready. It’s one of those albums it doesn’t feel like a chore to listen to, it flows so well to the point it just flies by and you find yourself hitting play all over again.

Favourite tracks: ‘Vortex’ ‘Taxi’ ‘Athena’

8- Stormzy- Heavy is the head’

This was released towards the tail end of 2019 after I’d already put out my list so I think it’s only fair to include it in this year’s post. Although Stormzy isn’t a fan of mine, well at least that’s the vibe I got from the Twitter block and him telling me to ‘Fuck off’ I am very much a fan of this record. Everything he does sounds so effortless and the features on this are genius I love ‘One Second’ ft ‘H.E.R’ and interlude ‘Don’t forget to breathe’ with Yebba’.

Favourite tracks: ‘Wiley Flow’ ‘Superheroes’ ‘Vossi Bop’

7- Blossoms- Foolish loving spaces

Another album of back to back bops from Stockpots finest Blossoms. you just know you’re going to have so much fun with a Blossoms record, don’t you? Their openers are always spectacular and often my favourite cut from the album and that’s something that carried over into their 3rd studio album ‘Foolish Loving Spaces’ with ‘If you think this is real life’. It’s light, it’s catchy and just what we needed to make this year a little more bearable.

Favourite tracks:If you think this is real life’ ‘Romance, Eh?’ ‘Sunday was a friend of mine’

6- Michael Kiwanuka- Kiwanuka

(I’ve just realised this came out in 2019 but pls allow it) The first mercury prize nominated album on this list, however, this year he finally won it, so deservingly because this album is STUNNING. If you’ve followed me for a while you’ll know his record ‘Love & Hate’ is one of my favourite of all time, I’m even considering getting a tattoo inspired by it. His voice is like velvet, the warmth seeps from every single second on this album. If you’ve not already given it a listen then just do it and thank me later.

Favourite tracks:You ain’t the problem’ ‘Hero’ ‘Final days’

5- Sports Team- Deep down happy

This one has been a long time coming, I’ve been following Sports Team for a while now, they were very kind to be the cover stars for the first copy of my magazine ‘Into The Grooves’ back in early 2018. Since then I’ve been patiently waiting for their debut album and when you spend so long waiting for something expectations are high and luckily this did live up to the hype. Lockdown was a blur but we all remember the great Gaga vs Sports team showdown. To be honest, It’s just nice to have a band with a bit of character in the UK indie scene, isn’t it?

Favourite tracks: ‘Kutcher’ ‘Going soft’ ‘Here’s the thing’

4- Fiona Apple- Fetch the bolt cutters

I think you’ll be hard pushed to find a year-end list right now that doesn’t feature Fiona Apple’s masterpiece ‘Fetch the bold cutters’ and there’s good reason for it. A record exploring her relationship with other women, the competition and comparison she’s experienced and felt through her life guides you on a truly impassioned character drenched journey. It’s just genius and one of those albums that everytime you listen to it it’s like the first time and you hear something new Give her all the Grammys.

3- Sea girls- Open up your head

A collection of catchy indie bangers here courtesy of Sea Girls debut album ‘Open up your head’. Much like the Blossoms record, this is just so fun and bloody catchy, one listen in and you’ll know all the lyrics. When I say I can’t wait to hear these tracks live, I mean it, if I could be transported to any gig right now it would be a Sea Girls one, unfortunately, even when they do play in London I won’t be able to go because it’s sold out so if anyone wants to help a gal out then please let me know.

Favourite tracks: ‘Damage done’ ‘Ready for more’ ‘Call me out’

2- Bloxx- Lie out loud

YES YES YES. Much like with Sports Team this is a record I’ve been waiting a while for and it was definitely worth it. They’ve mastered their blend of indie rock with the charisma and energy of pop. Featuring back to back anthems which have to be played loud as fuckkkkkkkk especially opening track ‘Lie Out Loud’.Weirdly in the same magazine Sports Team starred on the cover of, I published an article titled ‘Is world domination on the cards for BLOXX’ and after you listen to this album you’ll safely agree with me that the answer is ‘Yes’! Also, if you’ve never been to a BLOXX gig, get yourself to one ASAP, you’ll thank me.

Favourite tracks: Coming up short’ ‘Give me the keys’ ‘What you needed’

1- Taylor Swift- Folklore

You all knew this was coming, the surprise album from Miss Swift has taken my top spot. I’ve been going on now stop about this since it was released back in July and when I asked my Instagram followers what they thought would end up on this list 80% of the replies were ‘Folklore’, you do know me very well. It’s a laid back more delicate record than we’ve heard from her before, there are no big pop bangers like we had on her previous releases but it works so well. There’s something so intimate and personal about it that really comes to life when you watch her Disney + special. This is her strongest album lyrically, her songwriting talent has never come across as well as it does here, her ability to story-tell so intricately truly is unique to her. More like this please Taylor.

Favourite tracks: ‘Invisible string’ ‘The 1’ ‘Betty’

Check out the playlist here:

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