2020 has been a proper shit show but despite everything so many artists have still managed to drop releases and here are my top 100, enjoy!

100: Halloween- Phoebe Bridgers

99: Attack- Chloe Mogg

98: Feathers- Baxtr

97: Hell’s door- Artio

96: The river- Ed cosens

95: Daisy- Ashnikko

94: Therefore I am- Billie Eillish

93: Alright- Megan Lara Mae

92: Shameika- Fiona Apple

91: Positions- Ariana Grande

90: Winter song- Sam Fender

89: Party 4 u- Charlie xcx

88:Kutcher- Sports team

87: Taxi- Nova Twins

86: What’s your pleasure?- Jessie Ware

85:My Obsession- MAJOR NOISE

84: Hypnotized- Sophie and the giants

83: Call me crazy- ARXX

82: Political Wasteland- Lady Bird

81: The 1- Taylor Swift

80: Death of the party- The magic gang

79: The Girl- Daze

78: 1×1- Bring me the horizon ft Nova twins

77: Oxford- Peach blood

76: All My friends- Creeper

75: If you think this is real life- Blossoms

74: Hallway- Dazey

73: Ordinary man- Ozzy Osbourne ft Elton John

72: Prisoner- Miley Cyrus ft Dua Lipa

71: Better this time- Hunybees

70: The prayer- Whenyoung

69: Next Love- Riscas

68: Take a sec- Daisy Godfrey

67: Chinchilla- Split the dealer

66: Chewing cotton wool- The Japanese house

65: Long hot summer- Sports team

64: In time, she’s mine- Sam and sounds

63: Beautiful faces- Declan McKenna

62: Moral of the story- Ashe ft Niall Horan

61:Purpose Built- Larry pink the human

60: Circles- Jack Garratt

59: Homesick- Dream wife

58: I like the way you die- Black Honey

57: Lights Out- Zilo

56: Coffee Drip- Harrison Smith

55: The rift- Chappaqua Wrestling

54: Turbulence- Emily Parish

53: STFU!- Rina Sawayama

52: Trial- Calva Louise

51: Athena- Nova Twins

50:Bored at my grandmas house- Skin

49: Ready for more- Sea Girls

48: Has been- GIRLI

47: Sunday was a friend of mine- Blossoms

46: Overnight- Myles smith

45: 21- The lottery Winners

44: Won’t be long- RAMES

43: What you needed- BLOXX

42: Rip it off- Lucy Warr

41: Bones- Mysie

40: Rain on me- Lady Gaga ft Ariana Grande

39: Starve- Bang Bang Romeo

38: Modern Man- Pseudo Cool

37: Me and you together song- The 1975

36: Just a kid- Alfie Indra

35: No Time to die- Billie Eilish

34: Bound to you- Hollywood eyes

33: Can’t do this alone- Maddy Davis

32: Cloud- Berel

31: Popshop! -Courting

30: Little Mila- Two Neighbours

29: Show your face- The Anchoress

28: Give me the keys- BLOXX

27: Politics- Personal trainer

26: Moving on- Clap clap ft Martha Da’ro

25: Cherry Red- Bryony Williams

24: All My Friends- Creeper

23: Daylight robbery- Rosie Bryne

22: Thank you buddy- Ed the dog

21: Guys- The 1975

20: Beaches- Black Honey

Brighton’s finest Black honey are back & better than ever two years after releasing their debut album of back to back dreamy nostalgic bops. ‘Beaches’ is super catchy and a new summer playlist essential. Their next record drops in March so I highly recommend sticking that in your diaries.

19: Josslyn- Olivia O’brien

I didn’t think a track I found through Tik-Tok would land a spot on my top 200 let alone the top 20 and while this isn’t anything strikingly revolutionary it’s such a banger and it was up there with one my most-streamed tracks of the year so it would be unfair to not include it. It’s impossible to listen to this without wanting to scream along with it.

18: Midnight Sky- Miley Cyrus

A Miley Cyrus rock album really was overdue and ‘Plastic Hearts’ truly did live up to the hype and make the wait worth it. ‘Midnight Sky’ was the lead single and it’s so effortlessly cool and just vibey.

17: POV- Ariana Grande

The closing track from Miss Grandes latest record ‘Positions’ ‘POV’ is all about Ariana’s journey of self-acceptance Ari, she’s been through a lot and to hear that she’s doing better is really reassuring. I think it wrapped up the record really nicely.

16: Momentary Bliss- Gorillaz ft Slowthai & Slaves

The three-way collab we didn’t know we needed. Gorrilaz teaming up with punk duo Slaves and rapper Slowthai. A feel-good slow-burner that blended all the artist’s vibes perfectly. If you’ve not given it a listen yet them definitely check it out, it’s a fun time.

15: WAP- Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion

I know this is a controversial pick but let’s be honest a lot of the hate surrounding this track is rooted in misogyny but that’s a topic for another day. Not only is it the sex-positive anthem for women everywhere but it’s catchy as fuck. We need to normalise more female artists releasing tracks like this mainly because I like seeing men outraged by the same thing male artists have been doing for years. The power this track had.

14: This is the place- Tom Grennan

I don’t think Tom Grennan has ever released a bad track he is one of the most talented vocalists the UK scene has seen in a long time and I’ve stood by that for a few years now. There aren’t many artists around at the moment who are releasing proper hearty pop tunes but Tom seems to keep dropping them so keep em coming.

13: Boris Johnson is a fucking cunt-The kunts

Do I even need to explain, there’s a very good chance this could get to number 1 so lets make it happen, more info here: http://borisjohnson.info/

12: Cool with me- ZUZU

Back in 2018 one of my followers introduced me to ZUZU and I’m so glad they did because she is one of my favourite up and coming artists right now. ‘Cool with me’ is the opening track on her EP ‘How it feels’ and the production on the whole project is so strong but this track is the one that I found myself coming back to most, from following her on social media she genuinely seems so lovely and that really does come through on her songs, just super warm and friendly vibes from this track.

11: Cry- Ashnikko ft Grimes

2020 has seen the icon that is Ashnikko blow up and it’s so sick to see. She teamed up with Grimes here on ‘Cry’ for a pop/rock mashup that’ll have to vibing along from the second the guitars strike. Obsessed.

10: Kick me under the table- Fiona Apple

Any ‘proper journos’ will be outraged that this track even shared a top 20 with ‘WAP’. Fiona Apples ‘Fetch the bolt cutters’ was one of this years most critically acclaimed records and for good reason, it’s a masterpiece. ‘Kick me under the table’ oozes confidence, she won’t shut up so you better stop kicking her under the table.

9:Lie Out Loud- BLOXX

The title track from BLOXX’s debut record ‘Lie Out Loud’ has landed here at number 9. There couldn’t have been a better way to have opened this album of back to back bops. An anthem that absolutely SLAPS live, gigs really need to start happening again because it’s been way too long since I’ve been to a proper BLOXX gig.

8: Do you really wanna know? -Sea girls

It really has been a great year for UK indie bands, hasn’t it? It was really hard to pick a track from Sea Girls debut album ‘Open up your head’ so I went with ‘Do you really wanna know?’. 2020 has been weird as fuck and I can only seem to remember the different phases and differentiate the months according to what music I was listening to at the time and I just have such strong memories of this being my summer anthem, it’s shiny, it’s bright and will have you chanting along.

7: If you’re too shy (let me know)- The 1975

This is the third track from Healy and co to land a spot on this countdown and trust me I’m also surprised. Listening to their album NOACF was genuinely like shovelling through shit in the hope of finding a diamond and there was a couple to be had, my favourite of which being ‘If you’re too shy let me know’. It gives us what we all loved from their first two records, a catchy indie banger that I haven’t been able to get enough of, the sax on this, the catchy songwriting and generally just a bit of fun. I think Matty may have got a little lost over the past couple of years in wanting to make a statement with everything which can be too heavy and overwhelming, give us more fun like this.

6:Cyanide- Creeper

‘Cyanide’ showcases ‘Sex Death and the infinite void’s theatrical energy perfectly. The keys add so much character to this, it’s got a slightly retro sound, Will is one of my favourite vocalists around so much, his ability to story tell simply with his voice and his uniqueness to bring their concepts to life is why the band are one of my favourite of all time and ‘Cyanide’ is the track I’ve found myself coming back to most from the record + the video is amazing so that helps.

5: Change- Pale Waves

Pale Waves out here giving off Avril & Taylor vibes here on ‘Change’. When this came out I listened to it on loop for 3 days solid, showcasing Heathers signature fragile vocals this was the perfect pick for their comeback and I’m really looking forward to the album, I think it’s going to be a more personal record than the debut with some deeper cuts.

4: Troubles coming- Royal Blood

Royal blood are back and they brought a BANGER with em! ‘Troubles coming’ serves up their trademark noisy grit heavy goodness topped off by a ridiculously catchy hook and chorus that will be stuck in your head hours after listening. I’m honestly so excited for their next album and if this lead single is anything to go by then it’s going to be very good.

3:All My friends are depressed- Alfie Indra

I always get asked by literally everyone wether that’s my followers, friends or family members who my favourite up and coming artist is and through the whole of 2020 the answer has been Alfie Indra, in fact he was one of my ‘Top 20 to watch’ back in January. There has never been a more appropriate year for a song titled ‘All my friends are depressed’. Alfie has been very open and honest online talking about his mental health struggles and this track only helps widen that conversation and I just wish more artists were willing to put out music that does the same. The track aside you will definitely want to make sure you’re following him because he is going to BLOW UP!

2: No body, no crime- Taylor swift ft HAIM

A very late addition to the list but one I just can’t ignore and I know most proper writers don’t include more than one or two tracks by the same artist but I’m not a proper writer so allow it. This track is packed to the brim with drama, Taylors storytelling is simply perfect, the Haim feature is genius I love what they brought to the track, more like this from Taylor, please.

1: Invisible string- Taylor Swift

I think we all saw this one coming ,especially if you read my top 10 albums of the year list. It really is difficult to pick a favourite from ‘Folklore’ since it was changing every single day but ‘invisible string’ just makes me feel all warm inside and it’s nice to hear Taylor happy.

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