Send me your music.

If you’re a band or artist that would like to be considered my playlists or social media features there’s a few ways to get your track into my ears. The first being Submithub, there it costs $2 to submit your track, It’s a guaranteed listen and if it isn’t a fit for me to share then I give at least 10 words of feedback so either way, I might be able to help you out a little. I realised today that I’ve listened and given feedback for 20,000 tracks on there which is just mad.

The second being Zebr, I haven’t been using it for too long but I love how it works, so similarly to Submithub you send the track over, there is a cost, I don’t know how much, I need to check that, but on there I give it a listen, If I like it then I share it, if not I decline it without explanation so If feedback isn’t something you’re particularly interested in then this might be the better option for you.

I also accept physical submissions wether that’s CD’s, records or any merch, I love receiving packages and anything sent over will get shown on my Instagram story because I can appreciate the effort! If you fill out the form below and I’ll get back to you with my address. 

Lastly there’s the old fashioned method of popping it over in an email or filling out the form below, this isn’t particularly ideal for me because I do get so many that it’s physically impossible to read and listen to everything and it can get a little annoying at times where my inbox is so full that I end up losing work emails, so if you do decide to email me please don’t send follow-ups, they will not make me more likely to listen, if I see ‘Follow up’ in the subject line it will simply get deleted, so please don’t do that! If you follow me on Instagram you’ve probably seen my #NewMusicFriday posts where I ask you guys to comment your favourite new releases and encourage self-promotion, I always listen to as much from there as possible, I like doing that because much like my emails my Instagram DM’s are full over hundreds of messages asking me to check out tracks. I don’t ever want to shut down free submissions but I do ask that people are respectful in how they approach me, at least 80% of messages are asking for reviews and write-ups… I’ve not published a review since November so you clearly haven’t done your research and if you don’t put the effort in, why should I? Bit harsh but It’s true