Five album tracks I wish artists would’ve released as singles. Five on Friday(9)

These five tracks are ones that are well underappreciated.


Design within the music industry.

Hi everybody, today I am back to share with you something I haven't really spoken about before but really interests me, and that is the use of design within the music industry. This post is my submission for the design Blogger Competition organised by CGTrader. If the idea of writing about design interests you then click … Continue reading Design within the music industry.


Hi everybody, I am back today to share with you another one of my favourite brands. Today I am going to speak about a company named 'VeryVez'. Veryvez was established this year by a lovely stay at home mum and the name was inspired by her daughter Verity. The shop runs on the online marketplace for independent … Continue reading Veryvez!

5 favourite album covers of all time / five on Friday (1)

Hello guys, today I am going to share with you the first post in a new series I am going to update each week. This series is inspired by ARTV, I'm sure you are aware of him but if you aren't ARTV is a youtube channel run by a man named Jon. He posts all … Continue reading 5 favourite album covers of all time / five on Friday (1)